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Most if not all parents at one point in their child’s young lives will hear the, “But mom…”, or But dad…”. Another classic along with the, “But’s”, and the whining like a baby is what is commonly referred to as the, “puppy dog eyes”. These types of things might be fine for certain things when the child is real young, but if it is something that the child gets away with on a regular basis for a long period of time, it could become a habit that the child expects and the parent has a really hard time saying no out of fear that they might lose their child’s love and respect.

Some children might use guilt to manipulate their parents into doing their homework for them instead of with them because they just do not understand it and are having trouble grasping the concept of the assignment. Some people might use guilt to manipulate their parents into doing their daily chores at home for them. Some people might use guilt to manipulate their parents into buying them things that they are not old enough to buy on their own, or they can’t afford without the help of their parents. 

Some people are not aware of how abusive some teenagers can really be to their own parents. Some families have teenage children that are taller and bigger weight wise then their parents, or they might even have diagnosis’ such as Bipolar Disorder, where there moods can change in a blink of an eye. These children might try to and might be successful at overpowering their own parents, especially if they are physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted trying to control their child because they have been doing it for so many years with or maybe without the help of professionals who have been trained on how to handle these children.  

Some teenagers might even threaten to commit suicide to manipulate their parents. Usually if the other things that teenagers do to manipulate their parents to get their own way does not work, they might try saying that they are going to take their own life if they do not get what they want from their parents. Some parents think that they know when their child is, “bluffing”, but then they will find things like suicide notes, and if the parent is lucky, if the child tells someone else that they are considering this, the third party out of respect for the parents will let the parents know what is going on, so that they can take the steps necessary to intervene and try to prevent something tragic from happening.