Parenting – No

For the most part, I would not copy my parent’s parenting skills. Luckily my dad was a pretty good parent, but my mom was not. I had the best of both worlds I guess you could say.  I had a dad who taught me what kind of parent to aspire to be and a mom who taught me what not to be. 

My mother didn’t have a lot of rules. She cared about herself a lot more than her kids. If I was to follow these procedures with my child, most likely I would get the same or a similar outcome.judging from the fact like I was pregnant at Seventeen, I would say that her parenting style was not very successful.

My mother made me believe, not necessarily that rules were made to be broken, but there was always a way around the rules.  She herself especially had a way out of everything.  She would teach us things that were wrong, but in the same breath, say why it was okay for her to do it.  In her case, she would use the motto: Do as I say, not as I do.

My father, on the other hand, meant well but sometimes didn’t enforce his rules enough. He relied on his bark more than his bite.  Other than this slight misunderstanding, he was a great father.  He someone instilled me with lots of morals and a respect for other people.  I have always looked up to him.  I see his parenting in myself everyday throughout raising my son.

My own parenting skills, I think, mostly come from experience.  Throughout a period of time, every parent goes through some trial and error on what they think is best for the child.  Although I did develope a lot of my skills on my own, I can not deny that through some form or fashion, I have inherited a small portion of my parent’s ways.

Although, I have my own style, I do often relate to my father in a lot of ways. He taught me most of the major things I needed to know about parenting.  Even though I adopted a few of my fathers characteristics, I most certainly did not adopt any of my mothers so I guess you would so I’m on the fence about this one.