Parenting boys is a whole different experience than parenting girls

The word “easy” has never been included in parenting vocabulary. Being a parent, in all situations and circumstances, is hard work. Parenting also brings satisfaction, happiness, fulfillment and myriad other joyful benefits too numerous to list.

That being said, from a woman’s point of view, raising girls is easier than raising boys. For women, it seems easier to raise daughters because a female has a frame of reference, having been a daughter herself. She potentially understands firsthand what is going on in each stage of a daughter’s growing up years.

Not so with a son; it is all guesswork. A woman has not been there and done that.  She can never assume, presume, guess or take for granted what is going on with a son. There could potentially be  more worrying and second guessing in relationship to raising a son than with a daughter.

Some observed differences between girls and boys:

Girls talk, whine and cry

One almost never has to ask what is wrong with girls. They are only too happy to tell and retell every real and imagined grievance. Boys tend to keep their emotions under cover and a parent has to be more vigilant to recognize when a son’s life is not working.

Girls will shop with you until you both drop

Boys are little men; they are not entertained or amused by shopping. They just want to get what they need and get out of the store. Girls will try on items and prance around for the entire mall population to observe and appreciate. Boys have a phobia about store dressings rooms, so there is much purchase and return involved in shopping with boys.

Girls are joiners

With almost no encouragement, girls will be begging for dance lessons, gymnastics, cheer leading; any activity which puts them center stage. Boys are more likely to need coaxing and guidance to participate.

Girls gossip, cannot keep secrets and often brag

One does not have to wonder or speculate about what is going on in a girl’s life. It is all laid out with enthusiasm. Boys, on the other hand, are less talkative, more secretive and more modest. If one wants to know details, much prompting, prodding and prying is necessary.

All children are moody at some point

When girls are moody, they act out publicly. Boys hide out in their room. It is difficult to be supportive and sympathetic to a non-presence. When a girl is asked “What is wrong?” she will talk your ears off. The same question to a boy elicits the dead end response “Nothing”. With girls, one just has to be a good listener. With boys, one must also be a mind reader.

All other components to parenting girls and boys are likely to be equal:

  • Food, shelter and clothing are all equally required and equally expensive.
  • Love and nurturing must be administered in equal portions.
  • The need for discipline is dictated by the rules and standards of the family, so no inequality there.
  • The sex of the child does not enter into the teaching of morals, values and socially acceptable behavior.

Educational requirements and goals are the same for both girls and boys. In the big picture of parenting, girls and boys present an equal challenge.

It is in the minute details the differences between girls and boys becomes apparent. Girls are familiar territory and therefore easier to raise. Boys are an unknown entity and require more thoughtful consideration in that respect.

Now if you query a father on the same subject, there is little doubt he would take the opposing view. Is it easier to raise girls or boys? It depends on whom you ask.