Parenting as a team

Today, in many cases, both parents are working outside of the home in order to provide financially for their family. As a result, many parents find themselves completely exhausted as they attempt to juggle professional careers, personal lives, a marital relationship, children, and household duties. Fortunately, parents can increase the amount of time they have to relax and reconnect with one another and reduce their overall levels of stress by working together as a team when it comes to parenting and household duties.

Take a look at the following suggestions to help create teamwork between partners who are also exhausted parents:


Talk openly and honestly about your expectations of each other. Both parents should be well aware that they have to contribute to their children’s lives and the household chores and duties. Many of the issues between exhausted parents come about because one parent feels that he or she is doing more than the other partner. Therefore, it is crucial that you both sit down and talk about what your individual responsibilities will be.

 Divide the labor

Dividing up what needs to get done is the best way for parents to work together as a team when it comes to their families. Do your best to keep the division of labor between you two as equal as possible; however, keep in mind that every family is different and has unique needs. In other words, if your family has a stay-at-home dad and a working mom, then Dad needs to step up to the plate and take care of a greater percentage of household duties than Mom does. If both parents work outside of the home, then it is crucial that you maintain equality as much as possible. If you have some room in your budget, consider hiring outside help to take care of some of the more labor-intensive household duties, such as cleaning the bathrooms. This will create less work for parents and provide them with more time for themselves to reconnect, rest, or relax.


 Older children should be contributing to household chores and duties. Set up an allowance system with your older kids to provide them with some incentive when it comes to helping out around the house. Otherwise, devise a chart that will allow everyone in your family to know exactly what he or she is responsible for. Delegating some tasks to your older children will provide exhausted parents with more free time to relax, reconnect with one another, or accomplish their own responsibilities.

Keep an open mind

If both parents are working outside of the home, it is crucial that these partners maintain an open mind when it comes to household chores and duties. If one partner has an overwhelming workload one week while another partner’s schedule is more lax, then the latter partner should certainly attempt to pick up the slack. However, both partners should be aware of when one is going above and beyond the call of duty to accomplish tasks. If one partner begins to abuse his or her partner’s ability to pick up the slack, then resentment can occur.

Overall, the most important thing that exhausted parents can do to work as a team is to simply keep the lines of communication open. Do not let resentment build by slacking on your personal duties, nagging at your partner for accomplishing his or her responsibilities, or simply not speaking up when you need some help. Talking to your partner candidly about what you need and listening intently to what he or she needs will help you two to create a bond that will work as the foundation for your teamwork.