Pampers Simply Dry

I regularly use Pampers nappies, I think they are worth paying a little extra for the better quality. When I learned that pampers were bringing out a cheaper nappy I thought I should give them a try as I’m always looking to save money somewhere.

The packaging is very simple with pampers across the front of a bright orange bag.

I have never had a problem with pampers nappies before, they are always stretchy and absorbent and move well with my baby, my baby also never really has a problem with nappy rash, damp skin or leaking nappies.

So I bought the simply dry range for the first time and when I came to use them I found the nappy itself didn’t feel as good quality as the usual pampers I choose to buy (active fit), I found that the fastening tags tend to rip off easily and the nappies are not as good at keeping everything in when my baby fills it.

They need to be changed more often than the usual pampers nappies and don’t leave my babies skin as dry, so although they are cheaper you need to use more so in the end will end up having to buy more.

There have also been a few incidents where the nappy has split and some of the absorbing crystals have come out of my babies nappy and into his clothes. When this has usually happened it has been during the night so they are probably best used during the day.

Having made all these points against the simply dry range I think I should give my opinion on why I still sometimes buy them.

They are a cheaper nappies and for those people who cant always afford the more expensive version of pampers these can be a good alternate. I have used cheaper brands such as supermarkets own version and i think that the pampers simply dry are better than these.

I find supermarkets own brand do leak more and don’t fit as well so for those who are looking for a slightly better quality and a reasonable price then simply dry is a good option.

I do find them to be better quality than supermarkets own brand and at just a slightly higher price.

I think these nappies are most suitable for younger babies than an older baby as most of the problems I have had with them have been when I have bought the bigger sizes for my 2 year old, I have not had any problems using these nappies with my 6 month old.

If you want a better quality nappy then it is often best to pay more for a trusted brand.