Pampers Simply Dry

Having two kids, I have learned that sometimes it is worth spending a little bit more on things for better quality.  I never try to scrimp on nappies (diapers), having long ago learned that name brand nappies are superior to store brand.  We loyally buy Pampers nappies: usually the easy ups or active fit.  However, Pampers recently introduced a value range of nappies called Simply Dry.  I bought some and tested them out on my one-year-old.  You might be interested in my experience.

Simply Dry are supposed to offer the same quality as other Pampers nappies, but are lower in price because of simplified printing, packaging, etc.  They were cheaper than other name-brand nappies.  I bought them because for the same price as the Active Fit, the Simply Dry package came with 20 more nappies.  As I’ve always liked Pampers in the past, I thought it was worth a try.

The first thing I noticed was that they felt different from the other Pampers nappies.  They felt more papery and crinkly, and just seemed a bit flimsier.  I had expected the decoration to be simpler, but not for the entire nappy to feel different.  I put one on my daughter anyway, and then put her to bed for the night.

As she’s one and starting to sit on the potty, she normally just does a little wee during the night so her nappy is just slightly squidgy.    The next morning when she woke up, I went to change her into a clean nappy.  As soon as I undid her vest, disgusting crystal-y stuff started pouring out of her clothes.  The nappy had broken, and the absorbent gel crystals had come out.  They were completely filling the nappy and had gone all up into her clothes.  Obviously neither of us were happy about her—and now the floor-being covered in gel goop full of pee.

I gave her a bath, and put a new nappy on her in hopes that the last one had just been a faulty one.  However, that day she needed changing about twice as often as normal.  She didn’t fill her nappy any more than normal, but the Simply Dry nappies just weren’t absorbent.  It seemed as though they were bulging and full every time she did even a little pee.  Unlike normal Pampers nappies, they didn’t seem to pull the moisture away from her skin.  Every time I changed her, her skin seemed damp.  Obviously, this led to her skin becoming irritated.

There’s not a single good thing that I can say about Pampers Simply Dry nappies.  It doesn’t matter that they are cheaper; they turn out to be less economical than other nappies because you have to use so many more of them.  They broke and burst, and my daughter discovered that they were flimsy enough that she completely tore the tab off of one of them.  They are not very absorbent, so your child is likely to end up with leaky nappies, nappy rash, and other problems.  I’ll never make the mistake of buying them again.

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