Pampering yourself

When our kids start school, we often think of it as our time to get things done.  We can finally get all the laundry done without them there to dive into the clean clothes as you attempt to fold them.  We can finally get the kitchen mopped without worrying that they’re going to slip on the wet floor.  We think of all the chores we can now accomplish, or maybe we even think about going back to work if we haven’t been working while they were young.  Very seldom do we think about taking care of ourselves and our needs, but we need to.

While our kids are in school is time that we do get to have to ourselves.  We can shop.  We can take a long, hot bath.  We can get the manicure or haircut that we’ve been needing without having to worry about watching our children.  We worry about even the best behaved children, because we know that they’re still not perfect.  With those worries in mind, pampering ourselves is not something that is easy to do.  While your children are at school, however, this is time that you have to yourself.

When your kids are at school, there is someone else taking care of their needs and you finally have time for you and your needs.  Whether it’s been forever since the last time you had your nails or hair done, or just a while since you’ve had a nice long bath or shower without “company,” you will feel much better if you do take some time to pamper yourself.  You will still have time to get all the chores done, because your kids are going to be in school for a very long time.

Taking that time for yourself will also help you to keep your mind off of how school is going for them.  Sometimes as a parent, it can be difficult to let our children go, and by taking time for ourselves, especially for those first few days, we are keeping our minds occupied and we won’t worry as much. 

It is important to take time for yourself when you’re a parent anyway.  School is a natural time to take that time because it gives us just a few hours every day that our children are not with us to do what we want to do.  This is not to say that we don’t miss our kids while they’re away, but at least we can make it easier on ourselves.  We will be more productive when we feel better, and pampering ourselves gives us that opportunity to feel better.