Packing your Childs Things for Camp

Going off to camp is a rite of passage for kids, marking a point in their lives when they first begin to develop a sense of independence, and can also be a wonderful learning experience, esteem builder, and a great way to meet new people, form new friendships, and learn a wide variety of new skills. While parents are most often excited for their child, they are also uneasy, and want to take every measure possible to ensure their child is ready for their time away from home at camp, and this includes packing everything they will need for their camp adventure. There are several things which are a must, others that could be important, and even more that are not as important, but could still come in handy. The easiest way for parents to ensure they have packed their child’s bags thoroughly is to make a detailed list of the things they need, checking them off one by one as they back, and this list should include all of the following things.

This is the most obvious item to pack, of course, but it covers a broader range that just the basic day to day wear. Along with the necessity clothing items- jeans, tee shirts, socks, undies- there are a few other clothing items that should be packed as well. A sweater, for instance, regardless of what time of the year it is, as the weather can turn chilly or damp. Also, a rain jacket for those not so sunny days. If it is a summer camp it is also wise to pack several changes of swim wear as your child may not be doing their own laundry, and wet clothing that is left to dry on its own can become stale. A change of footwear is also important for the same reasoning as the sweater- weather can change.

Mosquito Repellant:
Most camps are located in wooded areas, the thriving ground for mosquito’s and other bugs. A spray on repellant is best for kids as it is easy to use and most convenient for them during their busy days at camp. It may also be wise to purchase a repellant which is scent-free or mild scented due to the possibility of allergies of other campers. Be sure to pack a large enough bottle, or more than one bottle, that will suffice throughout the entire duration of their trip.

This is another important item to pack in a child’s luggage as they head off to camp. The suns rays, although warm and pleasant, can be dangerous to the skin of children, and kids at camp are likely to be spending most of their days outside. Ensure the sunscreen is SPF 45, and waterproof, particular if swimming is going to be involved.

First Aid Kit:
Although the camp will be supplied with plenty of first aid supplies, a mini first aid kit is still a smart idea. This kit should include, at minimum, antiseptic lotion and band-aids, but can include any items the child may need.

Toiletries are a must for any traveller, young campers included, and include a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, and shampoo. Put them all into a large zip-lock baggy for easy storage and spill resistance.

Pillow and Sleeping Bag:
Some camps may be already equipped with bed linens, but if not, a pillow and sleeping bag are a must for any camper. Extra blankets can be packed as well if needed.

Disposable Camera’s:
These are the ideal way for the child to capture their fun-filled trip on film, and have it for years to come as a reminder of the time they had, and the people they met. Disposable camera’s are fairly inexpensive so it would be fun to pack more than one!

Notebook and Pen:
This is a great idea for many reasons. The younger camper can keep a journal of their experience at camp, jot down the mailing address or email address of their new friends, or write letters home!

A child’s experience at camp is one that will always be remembered, and ensuring they have all of the needed items for their adventure is one way to help them have an experience that goes smoothly, is lots of fun, while parents have the peace of mind of knowing they have sent them off well prepared.