Pack bags during your eighth month of pregnancy

Towards the end of pregnancy, it will likely seem as if there is much to do, and often that is the case. As you pull together details to prepare yourself and your home for baby’s arrival, one thing you don’t want to forget to do is pack a bag to bring to the hospital.

In your bag, you’ll want to bring essentials that will help make you comfortable and also those items the hospital does not supply. Additionally, you’ll want to pack a small bag of necessities for baby.

Baby Center recommends packing everything you’ll need at the hospital during your eighth month of pregnancy, just in case labor comes early. Plus, it’ll be one less thing to worry about as your focus turns to delivery and baby’s homecoming.


In the bag for you, you’ll want to include a nightgown or two, slippers, robe, extra socks, underwear and loose fitting, comfortable clothing to wear home from the hospital. If you are planning to nurse, don’t forget to pack nursing bras and nursing pads.


In your bag, you’ll want to include a few toiletries including a toothbrush, toothpaste, sanitary pads, deodorant, a brush, makeup if you prefer to wear it, and probably some hair ties if your hair is long. If you are particular or want to bring a piece of “home” with you, you might want to pack shampoo and/or conditioner.  

Miscellaneous items

It’s a good idea to pack these important items ahead of time so you don’t forget any necessities, such as photo ID, insurance card and any other hospital paperwork that is required. Don’t forget to tuck in a list of the people to call once your bundle of joy is born. Snacks for post-delivery may also be desired; if so, tuck a few items inside your bag.

Also, don’t forget your camera, video camera and related chargers (or batteries). Chances are you’ll want to be taking lots of photos and/or videos! In addition, you might want to consider bringing some music and/or a book.

Baby’s bag

You probably won’t need much for baby, but you’ll want to pack at least a coming home outfit and a receiving blanket. Also, socks and/or booties to cover baby’s tiny feet. If the weather is cold, you’ll want to be sure you have items that will keep her warm for the ride home.

Finally, a small bag for dad and/or your labor coach should also be put together ahead of time. An extra set of clothing, basic toiletries and some snacks. Packing for the hospital is an exciting time, as it makes your baby’s soon-to-be arrival more ‘real’ as you get ready.