Owners of pools are responsible for pool safety

Owning a pool can make you the envy of the neighborhood. Guests are drawn to your home. You’ll welcome family and friends to share the joy of your outdoor oasis. Of course there are some risks involved in owning a pool.  Knowledge and preparation are the keys to pool safety. It is up to you to be the safety advocate, although you cannot prevent all accidents, you can mitigate many and aim for worry-free fun.

By nature kids are curious, quick on their feet, sometimes unbalanced, and clumsy. It is necessary that children always have adult supervision when they are in the pool, even if they are a skillful swimmer. Children who cannot swim need to have an adult in the water with them not more than an arms length away. It is necessary to have some back up to prevent accidents when no one is supposed to be in the pool. Experts recommend having more than one safety devise, such as a fence, safety cover, and alarm.

Although the ability to swim won’t prevent all drowning, it will give more confidence in the pool. It is important to start your children in classes for swimming lessons. An ideal age to start children in swimming lesson is 3-5 years old. It wouldn’t hurt for adults to brush up on their skills also, and to take a first aid/CPR class.

Establishing rules for the pool are very important they should include:

Always swim with adult supervision.

No running, pushing, or rough housing.

No holding anyone under the water.

No pushing or throwing anyone into the pool. No swimming with the cover on the pool.

No drinking and swimming.

Safety experts offer the following advice:

Store a fully stocked first aid kit in the pool area.

Have a life guard approved floatation devise in the pool area.

Keep a phone nearby incase it is necessary to call emergency assistance, make sure cell phones are charged, and cordless phone are close enough to the base to use.

Scan the pool for potential hazards before swimming.

Never bring glass or breakable containers into the pool area.

Place outdoor furniture away from the edge so no one trips over and lands in the pool.

Keep the pool clean and sanitized.

Keep the pool well maintained, fix all broken drain covers, ensure hand rails and ladders are secure.

Keep plugged in electronics and radios away from the pool’s edge.

Clear the pool during lightning storms and wait until it has been at least 30 minutes since any lightning has been seen.

By following these safety rules you can ensure a safe and fun time in the pool for everyone