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For nine whole months your life revolves around an impending date, the all important EDD of Expected Date of Delivery; then all of a sudden that date comes…..and then goes, so what now?

Well, as I write this I am nine days over my due date and have not had a single symptom that would signal impending labour. It does not matter how many times I hear the phrase ‘it’ll be any time now’ -it is hard for me to believe, I can’t get the idea of being induced out of my head. The next step that I have to wait for now is an assessment at the Maternity Hospital during which they will monitor my baby’s heart beat, check my blood pressure, scan my baby to check the placenta and umbilical cord and check a water sample; after this assessment I will be given a date to return to hospital to have my labour induced, but I keep asking myself is this what I really want?

I have found so far that most of the information that I have learnt about the process of being induced is all from my own research and it seems like a scary prospect for me right now! As for how I feel at the moment, physically I feel tired as I can’t get a decent night’s sleep thanks to aching hips, I can’t walk very fast as I get a terrible stitch and my bump feels incredibly heavy. Emotionally I feel OK, obviously a little bit fed up and impatient and I’m growing tired of people phoning and text messaging me for ‘updates’ – I will let them know if anything is happening! People say use this time to prepare for the baby’s arrival but this is what I spent the final month of my pregnancy doing!

I have found that the minute my pregnancy went overdue everyone I know became a mine of knowledge about methods of bringing on labour from walking to pineapple to hot curries, but of the few things I’ve tried nothing has worked and I am inclined to think they are old wives’ tales! For now I just feel I am playing a waiting game, over analysing every little twinge in case it is labour beginning. Those closest to me are also getting impatient, they just want to meet the new addition to the family. I don’t think that people really consider the father to be in situations like this as he just feels helpless and impatient too but for now I feel as though everything is out of our hands, either nature will take its course or medical intervention will be necessary but either way there is nothing I can do and I can’t begin to describe how frustating that feeling is!