Overdue Pregnancy Methods Induce Labor

At the beginning of a pregnancy, the doctor calculates the due date, which is 40 weeks after the conception date.  The due date is not an absolute deadline, and many women in fact do not deliver on that exact day.  There are even some women who still haven’t gone into labor at 41 weeks.  This can become uncomfortable for the mother, since her belly (and the baby) continues to grow.  What are some ways to get the labor going?  The doctor can opt to induce the labor medically, but there are several other methods.

One method is acupressure, or using your thumbs and fingers to apply pressure on specific points on the body, such as the hoku spot, located at the top of your hand, on the webbing between your forefinger and thumb.  Another area where pressure can be applied is about 4 cm above the ankle bone, on the inside of the ankle.  There is also a spot about one finger width above the buttocks, where you can feel a slight indentation.  This massage can be extended to include other areas of the body,  such as the forearm or the calf, since it is likely that the extra weight that pregnant women are carrying causes added stress to their joints.

In addition to this massage method, foods or other supplements may also help with inducing labor.  For example, prostaglandins help to soften and “ripen” the cervix, so supplements containing this enzyme would assist for inducing labor.  There is another enzyme, bromelian, which can aid in inducing labor.  Bromelian can also be taken as a supplement in pill form, but a common food in which it is found is fresh pineapple.  In order to be effective, though, large quantities of this fruit should be ingested.

With an overdue pregnancy, you will find that everyone will impart wisdom to you regarding what worked for them to get the contractions started – especially with relatives who are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the little one.  While the most common remedy is walking, there were many other remedies provided – eating pizza, eating spicy foods, and taking castor oil.  The spicy foods and castor oil seem to fall under the category of causing indigestion, which somehow causes the contractions to begin?  There was mention of swinging on a playground swing, and even talking to the baby!  Some of these may sound incredulous, but if it’s not hurting the baby, why not try them?  At this point, almost everyone wants to see the baby already (perhaps with the exception of the baby itself)!