Outward Bound Experiences for Children

Outward Bound experiences are what might properly be called “adventure education.” They are extremely effective at ingratiating the child with the awe and majesty of nature, as well as showing them numerous ways to have fun within it. If your child ever wanted to hike up a mountain, spend the day completely by yourself on an island, or go camping deep in the wilderness, this is the experience for them. Of course you could take them yourself, but often parents do not have the time required, and the teachers at Outward Bound often know a great deal more about the art of adventuring. By the time your child comes back they might be able to teach you a thing or two!

For all of the potential young adventurers of the world, this is a program designed to allay the fears that may otherwise hold a participant back from trying challenging activities. These experiences are so immersing and memorable that you will be carrying it with you for the rest of your life. Of course the experience might vary depending on your location and guides, but for the most part the reputation of the program is impeccable.

Outward Bound is designed to challenge the thinking and performance levels of children. They also have adult programs, in case you start to get jealous of your child! They even have experiences where you can go with your children, as long as they are at least twelve years old. Bonding has never been so pure.

Outward Bound adventures occur all over the world. What makes Outward Bound unlike other summer camps is not the excursions into the wild, the thrill of scaling 200-foot rocks, or even the crazy adventures of white water rafting. What really makes the deepest impact on the participant is the trust and friendships that are built between the child and the other people in the program. They get a chance to experience life away from their parents, teachers, and society. Outward Bound is a program that helps them in the process of finding their true self and evolving as a person.

The financial and technical information is as follows. It costs $100 to enroll, and this is a nonrefundable fee put toward your “tuition.” In addition the students are required to pay a $100 travel fee as well. The tuition covers all food, instruction, and most of the equipment such as sleeping bags and technical gear. Students may need to buy some gear, such as footwear or clothing, and travel to and from course meeting site.

Outward Bound allows you to experience adventures that are not encountered in your everyday life, adventures such as hiking, rock climbing, sleeping in a sailboat in the middle of the ocean and so much more. Through all of this, there is a major characteristic that your child will develop … bravery. They will listen to the voice within. Outward Bound is about challenging yourself to do things you never thought possible and discovering your true potential. The lessons that Outward Bound children learn may well be the most important of their life.