Outfitting your Baby from Head to Toe

You have taken the test! Not once, not twice, and not even three times! You have taken the test four times, and there is no way that four tests would say positive if there were a remote chance that you could not be pregnant. Stunned, you stare at the little blue line that is getting ready to change your life in a big way. Just then, your husband pokes his head around the corner. “Honey, what is that?” he asks. Dumbfounded you ask, “What’s what?” looking up and putting your little secret behind your back. We all know that will work, right?

So maybe you already knew little Samuel was coming. You have all these ideas, comparisons, as to what your baby will need. Checklist after checklist! Tired of searching you look up with a helpless sort of look on your face, throw your hands in the air and walk towards the bedroom to lay down, exhausted! Since the beginning of time women have been feeling this way, and to tell you the truth, you really do not need those entire checklists.

Babies are easy, in that they do not care what you put on them. They simply trust you to make the best decision possible, blind trust, a rare commodity in today’s culture. During the baby shower I am sure you received a million kazillion cute outfits and blankets. All of those are great, but they are all too big. Little Sammy only weighs 6.5 pounds, give him a little break.

The most important outfit a newborn will need is a body suit. They are easy to take off and easy to put on. They are very comfortable and keep your baby warm while he sleeps. Newborns do not retain their body heat that well, and since we all know that most of your body heat escapes from your head, we will make sure little Sammy does not get cold by putting a little boggin on his little noggin. If your suit does not have feet then you need some of those little cute socks you used to walk by and gawk at. Yep, you know what I am talking about! So, in summary, for the first three months, it is difficult to find anything that will fit a newborn. The most important items are a body suit, boggin, and socks. Once you add the blanket, don’t worry, little Sammy will feel just fine nestled in your arms.

It does not really matter if your new cherub is a boy or a girl. There are styles for both that will have you scratching your head, saying, do babies really wear that? However, keep in mind that a body suit is much easier to take off in the middle of Wal-Mart because Little Sammy had an accident than those fancy pants and shoes that look so cute. The bottom line is to do what makes you happy, but the harder it is to put on, the harder it will be to take off. We all know that newborns are patient, right?

Babies grow so quickly! I could never have imagined that my son is 17 months old already! Wait, but just yesterday I was holding that same little blue stick that we all held. Little Sammy is all boy, that is a sure thing. He tares up whatever he can get his hands on and doesn’t seem to mind little bumps here and there. The key to baby clothes, get them on sale. Your baby will be in and out of these clothes in the span of about two months so think ahead when buying. It is usually a good idea to buy on size up, which may appear a little big on Sammy now, but in a month will fit just fine. Necessities include: bibs, lots and lots of shirts, body suits, and socks. If you are like me you will want to sport little Sammy around in some of those little grey New Balance’s because you have some as well, and they are sooo cute! I say go for it, who cares if it is a waste of money, he looks adorable in them! If you can then do, that is my philosophy anyway!

Well, we all like stylish clothes and today, in this market, they are in abundance. Little patch work jackets, ball player shirts, hats that he will just take off and chew on, and shirts that will not survive the day. I say do what makes you feel good as a parent. Some great little children’s stores that offer big selections at reasonable prices would be: The Children’s Place, and Gymboree. These stores have all of the current styles and put clothes on sale way before the season ends. Just one suggestion though, you see that coat for five dollars on a clearance rack go ahead and get it. Just get a big size because next year that same coat will be thirty dollars. Basics are diapers, jeans, t-shirts that the baby can play in, little shoes with a good sole for learning how to walk, and socks. That will put your baby on the fast track to his modeling career, because little Sammy is the most beautiful kid in the world.