Organizing Tips for Overwhelmed Parents

Today there is no doubt that being a stay at home mom can be one of the hardest jobs any woman might come across. Think about it they are constantly dealing with kids and when it comes time to organize the home before the husband gets home they are often exhausted from taking care of the kids. Here are some great tips for any stay at home mom that will help get them organized in a short amount of time.

Place the Kid In A Safe Place.

The first thing overwhelmed parents should do when they feel stressed out would be to place the kid or baby in a safe place and shut the door. Then take a few minutes to relax and then write down a list of things that need to be done in the home that will take a short amount of time. Once you have written your list you can then work on one task at a time and be sure to give yourself at least one day off from housework or whatever errands you have to do.

Put A Calender On The Front Door.

The second thing parents should do would be to put a calender on the front door. The reason for this is because you can write things down that need to be done on that day ahead of time to keep you from forgetting about them and when you pass the door you can take your time to look at what needs to be accomplished on that day or the next. However, it helps to write the most important things in red pen and the other items that aren’t as important should be written in blue or black ink to prevent confusion from taking place.

Buy Storage Cubes.

When it comes to organizing the home many parents thing that toddlers know how to open a toy box or even a dresser and this why many parents struggle with teaching their toddler to put things away. One of the most easiest things that toddlers love are those colorful storage cubes because they are light weight and they don’t come with a lid that needs to be taken off. Honestly if a toddler can’t open something then the odds are he or she won’t pick up after themselves because it is difficult for them to do so without having to get angry at the object for not opening.