Nutrition and your Toddler

Have you ever noticed that your toddler likes to imitate what you do? This is the perfect age to start your toddler on a healthy and nutritional lifestyle plan. Research shows that a person must try things at least a few times before they really know for sure if they like it or not. The great thing about toddlers is that getting them to try something is usually as easy as seeing you try it. Unlike older children and even adults, most toddlers are willing to eat nutritious foods if that is what they are offered from the start.

Toddlers do not instinctively know that most kids would rather have a big chocolate bar than they would a piece of fruit. They learn this by experiencing the taste of junk food like chocolate more often than they experience healthier alternatives. Everyone wants their child to grow up as healthy and happy as possible. There is no reason to put off the idea of good nutrition. The sooner you start, the less chance of raising a child that is overweight or unhealthy.

Begin by giving your toddler some choice in what they eat. Make both choices healthy and then let them decide. For instance, if it is snack time, ask them if they want an apple sliced up with a little peanut butter or some applesauce and cheese slices. Better yet, let them do what they can to help prepare the food. This makes them feel important and excited about what they are going to eat.

It would never be suggested that you never treat your toddler to something a little bit less nutritious. However, as parents we often make the mistake of not making these things treats, but rather we make them staples of the diet. Once a toddler begins to have high sugar or fat foods on a regular basis, it will be harder to break them of the habit. When you determine it is a good time for your little one to have a treat, make it seem special and more importantly let them know that treats are for once in awhile.

This is the age you can make the biggest difference. Little ones will be more apt to acquire tastes for different and nutritious things if they are allowed the opportunity at a young age. Take it from a person that lived their life as an overweight child, your youngster will thank you for instilling in them a healthier and more nutritious lifestyle.