Nursing Discreetly

Breastfeeding is natural! It’s a wonderful and an amazing bond between a mother and child. As amazing as it is, there are many occasions where you would like to keep your wonderful bond private. Before all these baby and maternity stores started what did women do? They were creative, they used what they had to be discreet. I will tell you five easy ways to feed your baby without expensive or unavailable nursing clothes.

If you have a baby blanket and safety pin. Fold your baby blanket diagonal and pin the two corners that meet. Drape it over your neck, place your baby inside and position your clothing and the blanket so that the baby can nurse and breathe.

In a restaurant, pick a table that is private. Take the seat with your back facing other patrons or the inside of a booth. Turn your body away from view. Or if the table is high enough you can feed your baby under the table.

Wear shirts with extra room so you can easily fit your child under them to nurse. Bring clothing to drape yourself. Wear layers, a tank top under a cute shirt and you get coverage above and below. If your husband is wearing an over shirt or button up ask him to drape it over you.

Use your surroundings, whatever you can use to block the view of your hungry little angel chowing down. In my experience, my father in law always walks in when I’m nursing. I would grab a pillow, blanket, the diaper bag, anything I could prop up to block the view. You can sit behind a chair, or behind any furniture that can provide a screen.

Use a person, sometimes when nothing is available I tell my husband to sit in front of me or beside me, it was his job to keep our feeding out of sight. Your mother, friend, other children make great coverage.

Most importantly, make yourself comfortable. Don’t worry if you give a flash to an unexpected passerby. You are giving your child what it needs and no one should be bothered by that. If anyone says anything, tell them kids eat free, anywhere, anytime.There will be times when you have nothing available, feed without any guilt or embarrassment. Be proud and know that you are doing a beautiful thing, that will benefit you and your child long into the future.