New Mothers how to Cope with Crying Babies and Sleepless Nights

Coping with crying babies is a learned behavior and takes patience on the part of the parent/s.
First it is important to know why your baby is crying since this is the only and universal baby language. Important to note babies do have a reason to cry which is contrary to what some persons think it is is just to say “Hi I need your attention here or I am hurting!”
Therefore after eliminating all the possible reasons then you can determine if it is just attention seeking. So run the following list through your mind

Hungry- when was the last time I fed him/her.
Colic – Is the cry high pitched and intermittent then that,s it.
Wet/soiled diaper
Sick – minor such as common cold or major illness,fever
Tired /sleepy – when was the last nap.
Bored and need attention
uncomfortable- Hot /cold

The strategies that are used to prevent/soothe a crying baby are

-Sleep when your baby is sleeping so that you will have the energy to take care of him/her.

-Eat well yourself this does not mean munch on everything and again to have adequate energy.

-Keep a rigid schedule of feeding times so that you will be the one to initiating feeds so baby does not have to be hungry to cry. Even in the nights try to set a timer so that you will be up before and have the feeds prepared .If possible wake and feed young babies and begin to increase amounts of feed and time gradually as they grow especially at nights so that baby will sleep more when stomachs are full.

-Learn massage techniques and have meds. on hand for colic.
One technique is a gently massage tummy from lower right up across then down to lower left back to rt. like a square. Do this regularly after baths and even when sitting out with baby.

-Taking babies for a dive stroll or if they can walk in the evening and this somehow helps to put them to sleep. (Taking my 1st. daughter for a car ride every night at 8pm always helped her to sleep.)

-Cuddling baby and singing or playing soft music does wonders too when you have ruled out every thing else.

-Distracting them with some other form of soft noise (fan) or light with patterns. simply place a patterned piece of paper over a light to create patterned shadows especially if it is moving even better.
Television with soft or no sound also , some babies love to look at movement and keeps them distracted until slowly falls asleep.

– Giving over to your husband or other relative helps . Sometimes your powder/perfume /soap may be different and babies like constant things it gives them a sense of familiarity.

-Tucking them into bed with you sometimes works. they just snuggle down in the security of you being there.

The aim is to have the energy, knowledge of what to look for, to try and patience. The only reason a baby continues nonstop is if you cannot find and provide for that need that he /she has this includes signs of illness.

Most importantly this may be the only indication of illness to a non-medical person. So always assess the situation and find the problem then address it.
Sometimes it does take two to find it so always encourage your spouse to help.