New Mothers how to Cope with Crying Babies and Sleepless Nights

Babies don’t usually cry because they are irritable. They usually want something. They can’t speak yet so they voice their wants by crying. So if your baby is keeping you awake by crying all night, there are a few things you can do to change the cycle.

1) Keep your baby awake for one day. He will then sleep at night.
2) Whenever he cries, either change his diaper or feed him, because that is usually what he is crying about.
3) Make sure the diet you are feeding him is adequate for his nutrition.
4) Never let him cry by not attending to him. You can’t spoil him.
5) When he cries, attend to him immediately – either his diaper needs changing, he is uncomfortable because he has a diaper rash, or he is hungry. Babies must be fed more often than us because they have a smaller stomach and get hungry faster. Don’t worry about over-feeding him when he is a baby.
6) Some babies will cry when they are teething. There is not too much to do about this. You could check with the doctor.
7) Colicky babies cry and that has something to do with their stomach and how they are digesting their formula. You will need to talk to your doctor if your baby is colicky.
8) If you can’t change your baby’s cycle from sleeping all day and being awake all night, change your cycle. Sleep when your baby sleeps.
9) If you are the one working and can only sleep nights you may have to sleep in another room with earplugs. Your wife or husband should then be watchful of the baby.
10) A sick baby might cry more so make sure to periodically take your baby’s temperature if he is crying more than usual.
11) Make sure you get your adequate vitamins and eat three meals a day, to keep your strength up.
12) If you are just too tired, and the baby is still crying at night enlist your mom or a good friend to come and help you out. You can’t always do it all yourself.
13) If you can, hire someone to do cleaning, washing clothes, or preparing meals.
14) Or hire a nanny.