New Mothers how to Cope with Crying Babies and Sleepless Nights

Crying babies and sleepless nights pretty much go hand in hand for new parents and so it’s very important to find ways to cope with these. First off, babies don’t know the difference between day and night, so accept the fact that there will be sleepless nights ahead and a baby who will cry and it’s your job to figure out why.


Babies cry for many reasons and you’ll be surprised with how quickly you will become familiar with the different sounds. Don’t be alarmed by crying, remember it’s the only sound a baby can make, it doesn’t always mean that something is wrong, sometimes they just need a cuddle and to hear your voice.

Let people help

If you are lucky enough to have an extended family or friends around you, take advantage of their kind offers of help, they will be delighted to spend some time with the new baby and you can get some much needed sleep. Don’t worry about what time of the day it is when you sleep, after all for the coming weeks there won’t be much difference between day and night.

Plan sleeping and feeding

If you have a partner then you need to plan for sleep. If your partner is getting up for work the next day then let them do the midnight feed, you go to bed immediately after the previous feed. Then after the midnight feed your partner should go to sleep as soon as possible and you get up for the following feed. This way you should both get between four and six hours sleep with a newborn baby. You’ll be surprised how quickly you will adjust to having less sleep. If your partner can fit in a feed before heading off to work then that’s even better again.

Teach your baby the difference between day and night

From day one you need to teach your baby the difference between day and night and it is quite easy to do, of course they will still need feeding during the night for a while but it will be a much faster process. During the day, feed your baby in a well lit room and talk to your baby while they feed, before and after feeding have a little fun time with your baby. During the night feed your baby in a softly lit room, don’t chat to your baby just sooth them and don’t be tempted to play. If possible, during the day, have your baby sleep in the family room and at night put them in the bedroom in the crib.

Above all remember that the sleepless nights won’t last forever.