Natural Ways to Induce Labor

You’ve waited months, and the time is near. The Doctor assures you all systems are go, but your body just isn’t ready to deliver that bundle of joy you’ve been waiting months for. What to do – what to do? A woman has a few options when it comes to saying, “Enough is enough! I want to get this thing started!” At this point, it’s time to take a deep breath and….

– Relax: Labor will come a lot easier when you are calm and relaxed. Take a warm bath. Light the candles. Play soothing music. Find a comfortable place and practice relaxation breathing by deeply inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.

– Try the same lovin’ that put that bun in the oven. That’s right – we’re talking sex. While it might seem impossible this would be recommended, there are some very valid and scientific reasons this might work. Semen contains a special hormone actually involved in the start of labor. If you and your partner are able to work together and make it happen, don’t get up right away. That semen will help to thin and dilate your cervix. Another option would be to enjoy a little foreplay. A little love and cuddling hormone known as oxytocin is released through arousal. Some woman have been known to go into labor in as little as 20 minutes after using one of these methods. (

– Walk, walk, walk. Just take a walk. Don’t overdo it. Keep your temperature below 100.5 and keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water. Some say being in an upright position puts pressure on a woman’s cervix, and this just might be the trick to moving things along. Please take caution though – if your body is tired, listen to it. Sit back down and relax until your strength is back to normal levels.

– Now is the time to head to a favorite restaurant serving up some spicy food. Some women have reported that spicy foods have helped the process along. Spicy foods are known to be a natural bowel stimulator and this might be the winning choice. Even if labor doesn’t happen, you’ve had an opportunity to be treated like a queen by being served and waited on.

– Induction by your Doctor might be another choice, but only that decision must be made by your Doctor and you.

No matter what, it is agreed by all, the most important aspect of labor and delivery is for mother and child to be healthy and well when all is said and done. Every woman experiences labor in her own way. Every baby has his/her own time table. Try to be patient, for that day is coming. No matter what, you will be astonished at how awesome it is to finally meet your little miracle.