Natural ways to cure colds for kids

Seeing your child suffering with a cold can cause upset and worry. Knowing what to do and how to bring relief and eradicate the symptoms can greatly help. Medications are not recommended for young children, which can leave parents looking for alternative ways to bring relief from cold symptoms. Whatever you can do to make your child feel comfortable and speed up recovery from illness is a blessing.

Here are some tips to help cure a kid’s cold:

Sick kids need rest

Rest is the best remedy for getting better. Staying indoors and resting as much as possible allows the body to heal. Keep your child comfortable and ensure the environment is relaxing and calm. If your child wants to sleep more, allow it. Youngsters often nap on and off during the day when feeling unwell. Have quiet activities to keep boredom at bay and to take your child’s mind off the symptoms that she is suffering with.

Keep warm and comfortable

It is essential that the room is at the right temperature, and no warmer or cooler than usual. Dress your child in loose fitting clothing without overdressing her, as this can increase her temperature. If she becomes too hot, it can also aggravate coughing. If she is resting or sleeping, use a light blanket to keep her warm, but not overly so. Use a pillow or two to keep her head elevated in order to let her sinuses drain more freely. These ideals can keep her comfortable without worsening the symptoms.

Honey and lemon

For a natural remedy to help ease cold symptoms, honey and lemon can work wonders. Honey can only be given to children over twelve months of age. To make a soothing drink, add a spoonful of honey to a cup of boiled water that has cooled a little, add a drop of fresh lemon juice and stir. Give this to your child once it has reached a safe drinking temperature. You want the water to be warm enough to begin to allow the honey to mix into it.


A cold can suppress your child’s appetite, or make her ultra-fussy with food. If she is congested and has a sore throat and is feeling generally lousy, it is no wonder she is off of her food. To compensate, she needs extra fluids to help keep her hydrated and to soothe her throat. In addition, fluids can help flush out the illness. Water is best; however, high content fruit juices, fruit smoothies and liquid soups can also be a good addition to her diet.

When your child is sick you want to do all you can to make her feel better. Cough and cold symptoms can be eased with a little care. Cough and cold medicines shouldn’t be used with children under 4 years of age. Instead, use honey and lemon which are more beneficial. Honey can be taken straight off of the spoon to ease a sore throat or irritating cough. The best medicine of all is some good rest.