Natural treatment for diaper rash

Diaper rash can be very uncomfortable and cause great irritation to the skin. This can cause an infant to become rather unsettled and unhappy. Finding ways to quickly heal the skin in a natural way can eliminate the unwanted diaper rash. Natural methods are best, as they are kinder to the skin as well as the pocket. Taking good care of an infant’s skin naturally, helps to preserve and keep it looking and feeling healthy.

Here is a look at natural ways to deal with diaper rash:

Keep the area clean

Diaper rash can cause real discomfort, which can be further aggravated by a wet or dirty diaper being in contact with the skin for prolonged periods of time. Making every effort to keep the area clean will allow the diaper rash to heal more rapidly and prevent further discomfort. Regular diaper changes can help keep the area clean. Only tepid water and a soft wash cloth should be used to cleanse the area, followed by allowing the skin to dry before fastening the diaper.

Diaper free time

One of the best ways to relieve and clear up diaper rash is to allow diaper free time. This can be a little messy; however, it’s nothing that can’t be cleaned up. Keep baby on a clean towel or sheet with a plastic covering underneath to allow some diaper free time. This keeps any mess to one area for easier cleaning. Ensure she is kept warm and away from drafts and offer toys to keep her occupied. This allows the skin to heal as it is left to dry naturally. Diaper free time is a good practice to continue to keep skin healthy.


Keeping the diaper area clean gives the skin a better chance to heal as well as allowing the aggravated skin to feel at ease. Regularly bathing baby can allow her skin to feel soothed, as well as allowing the skin to be cleaned effectively. Tepid water is all that is required, and the time in the tub can be kept short just to allow time to cleanse the skin. Frequent baths that are kept short can benefit baby with a diaper rash, as the skin is kept fresh and clean. Removing any impurities from the skin allows it to heal faster.

Cloth diaper

If the diaper rash is severe looking, and is causing baby great discomfort, a change in diapers may be needed. Cloth diapers are the best option, especially when a diaper rash is already present. Cloth diapers contain no chemicals and are softer against the skin. There are many different types to choose from that are far more modern than what they once were, which makes them easier to use. The change could be a good one, as you may find cloth diapers to be a better option for continued use. Reusable diapers are actually easy to put on and can be put straight into the washing machine to be washed.

Avoid skin care products

It is better to leave the skin free from any skin care products, as these could cause further irritation. If a diaper rash is present, it is best to treat it naturally and allow the skin to heal itself. Using any products on the skin may exacerbate the rash. If the rash looks severe or worsens in any way, or doesn’t heal in good time, a natural skin care balm or ointment may be needed to give the skin a helping hand. Natural products that are free from chemicals are best, and these should be used sparingly. If, however, nothing seems to be helping to clear up the diaper rash, take your baby to the doctor to be evaluated.

The above tips can be used to actually prevent diaper rashes from occurring. Prevention is always better than cure. Taking extra care to keep your baby’s skin in healthy condition can avoid unwanted irritations from occurring. It isn’t necessary to follow the above steps to the extreme to prevent diaper rash; however, to cure diaper rash, frequent diaper changes and keeping the skin clean is needed. It is possible to prevent and treat diaper rash with natural methods to care for baby’s precious skin.