Natural Remedies for Constipation in Babies

It is not the quantity or the number of times the baby passes stool but the quality of the feces passed. When a baby passes hard pebble-like stools with pain, it is said to be constipated. Generally, breast-fed babies do not get constipated. Constipation in babies is commonly related to weaning from breast milk and replacing with formula milk, introduction of solids, excessive dairy products like yogurt and cheese, food low in fiber and items like bananas, bread, pasta, apple sauce and cereals. There a number of home remedies that can be done to relieve constipation in the baby.

Use of Massage and Movement

Some medial professional suggests that a warm bath can be useful. The warm water helps the baby to relax, and this will stimulate the gut. During the process of drying the mother can provide a gentle tummy massage. The mother places her hand on the baby’s navel and moves the hand gently but firmly in a circular motion away from the center of the belly. The motion is in clockwise direction. This stimulates the muscles of the intestine and helps the movement of feces along the intestine.

Encouraging movement in your baby helps to naturally cure his constipation. Lay the baby on his back. Gently hold his legs in a half bent position. Then move his legs as if moving the pedals of a bicycle .This will put pressure on the intestine and stimulates it to move the faeces along.

Use of Manual Stimulation

Take a cotton swab and dip it in some petroleum jelly or Vaseline. Insert this cotton swab just inside the baby’s rectum.  Very gently wiggle it around a bit. This natural constipation cure is safe, easy and normally works right away.

Use of Oral Stimulants

Flax oil is a healthy natural cure for constipation, and it is also full of omega-3 fatty acids. You need to give one teaspoon of flax oil to your baby once a day. This will help lubricate the feces and the bowel to make it painless to pass stool.

Another common treatment for constipated babies pruned  juice. This is a practical choice for babies who are six weeks or older. Fill a bottle with one-ounce  water and mix in one ounce prune juice. You can feed it to baby up to twice a day. Prune juice is not a substitute but given in addition to regular breast or formula feed. There is no need to sweeten the juice with sugar. Most babies will suck as a natural reflex and ingest some of the juice, even if they do not like the taste.

In older infants that are just beginning solid foods, you may be advisable to avoid baby foods such as rice cereal, applesauce and bananas as these tend to aggravate constipation. Barley or oatmeal cereals, prunes, peaches, plums, apricots and most vegetables are preferred methods of softening the stool when the baby has constipation.

Constipation is a painful problem for a baby and distressing for the parent to watch the baby cry and suffer. Some simple home remedies by ensure proper intake of appropriate foods and stimulation of gut through movement, and massage will not only remedy the situation but also help prevent future episodes of constipation in babies.