Natural Childbirth – Natural

Whether or not you should have an epidural or not is completely up to you as an individual. You should make an informed decision based on several factors like: how is the labor progressing, what type of labor is it- regular, back labor, what is your tolerance level for pain and is it affecting your ability to be able to get the job done. You should not feel like you are cheating if you need an epidural or some pain medications, nobody could blame you for wanting them.

As a mother of one with another due in November, my ideal situation would be to have an completly natural childbirth. It sounds great doesn’t it? Afterall horses and cattle don’t need epidurals or hospitals, birth is a natural process, why should we go and make it like it’s some condtion that needs to be treated with mass drugs? I feel it’s better not to put drugs into your body especially when you’re pregnant but at times they are necessary. I could not write for the pro-epidural side either because I have never had one and wouldn’t feel right fully endorsing them.

With my son, I opted for a shot of Nubain which was basically useless. I came to the hospital at 7cm with a good regular contraction pattern. Awhile later when the Nubain wore off I opted for an epithecal- similar to the epidural. I was glad I got some more medications because soon after I was hit with back labor. Any of you who have had this before know how excruciating it really is, and to face back labor unmedicated would not be something I’d wish on my worst enemy.

The epithecal barely helped at all with the back labor, but when it came time to push, the pain was alleviated and nothing hurt down below. The drug caused me to itch for a day and a half after and really didn’t give me the pain coverage I needed so I can’t say I’d recommend those. I’ve heard good things about epidurals from other moms and that is why I will be likely to get one when I give birth to my second child.

The epidural is better than the epithecal shot because it is a steady dose of medication. It stays in your back- which kind of freaks me out- but the advantage is they can up your meds as needed rather than just having it in one dose and being out of luck.

It is still in the back of my head, “Well maybe I can have a natural birth.” Sure maybe, the contractions really didn’t bother me too bad and I think I could get through it unless I have back labor again- which I probably will due to my slender size. So, just to be on the safe side I will likely opt for the epidural once my labor is in a good pattern and I am past 5cm.

Natural birth does sound ideal and I do like it theoretically, but from a practical standpoint and having given birth I can’t honestly sit here and say don’t get an epidural. If you need one get one, there’s no sense exhausting yourself fighting the pain and being too tired afterward to take care of your new baby. My advice would be don’t get an epidural before you’re 5cm dilated though. I learned through my childbirth class that an epidural too-soon can stall your labor out; otherwise I think epidurals seem great for laboring women.