Naming your baby girl

So you are having a baby girl.! Name her carefully. You don’t want to sabotage her future by giving her a name that won’t live up to her importance.  You have waited for this time for many years. You might already have three boys and they are all properly named and their father had the final say. Now it’s your time. No you don’t have to give in to persuasive in-laws that want you to name her after her great-great grandmother.

This is your baby and it is you who is there for her twenty four hours a day and will be there for her for the rest of your life. Who else should name her but her inseparable mother? No one. Certainly not her great-great grandmother who, were she here and if she was as great as the rest of the family claims she is, would be the first to tell you give your daughter her own name.

Yet, even though you have the honor and the right to name her, don’t do it for you but do it for her. It is something parents do for their children, they give them names they can carry with them proudly for the rest of their lives. Look beyond now and think what name will be fitting for your daughter. Give her a name that she will be proud to put at the bottom of her many articles and stories that she could potentially write.

Think of all the names that appeal to you and write them down on paper. Say them aloud to yourself and match them up with the rest of the name. Will the initials be turned into a pun? Will the unique spelling cause her trouble? Will she spend a lot of time explaining that yes her name is Betty but it is spelled with an e? Although Bettye looks cute, is that e necessary?

At least you have gotten most of the problems with naming your baby out of the way. You have settled on a few you definitely, for some reason or other, would never name your daughter. Among these are naming it after your self. While a mother naming a daughter after herself is done less often than a son being named after their father, it is occasionally done.

Speak of confusion, this would be it. Can you imagine how frustrating it would be to her to have you receive her phone calls, or her yours? And her having to explain to neighbors that you and her mother share the same name.Does not a baby girl deserve a name of her own? Does a mother have to share her identity with her daughter? It was one thing to have had this extensive togetherness for nine whole months; need it be for a lifetime?

Now that is settled, what shall it be? Will it be one of the usual good for all time names like Mary, Jane, Carol, Louise, Sarah, or will it have a slightly different ping to it? Something say like Meghan, Kristen, Leigh, Michelle, Danielle? Whatever, it will be the right one. You will see to that.