Naming a Child should Esteem their Character – No

What to name your baby is an agonizing decision to make for most parents. However, the name that is chosen for your baby is a personal choice. The name may sound odd or a bit strange to others. Yet, what do they know? The name you have chosen may have cultural.religious or family significance. So, who has the right to deem if a name is ridiculous or significant?  There should not be a law against names that may sound ridiculous to some people. After all, society consist of a melting pot of ethnicities, languages and cultures.Our cultures are just as diverse as the names we may choose to name our babies. 

Vowels and consonants can be arranged in any order to make a name. So, it stands to reason , that these names might sound odd or unfamiliar to some people. The rule is there isn’t a rule to pronounce a proper name.  Unique names are very common among many cultures. The world knows Lady Ga Ga and she wasn’t really born that way. Yet the world has grown to love her and her very unique name.

Celebrities have chosen to give their babies distinguishable names.  These names are endearing to the parents and may be significant to the child one day. Who can ever forget some antagonist saying, “who would ever elect a U.S. president named Barack Obama”. That name was unfamiliar and unheard of by most Americans. Yet, Barack is moving up in popularity for chosen names for new born African American male babies.

You might wonder, what’s in a name ? A name might hold meaning or represent a desired characteristic, that the parents hope will some day be attributed to their baby. Names with meaning were prevalent in native American culture, along with most any American’s ancestral heritage. So the next time you hear the name “Dancing with Wolves, for a rugged baby boy or” Sunshine” for a darling baby girl please imagine that these names have significance  and meaning to the parents  and maybe even eventually for the world.

Consider, a baby might live up to their name if careful consideration  and research was put into the name that was chosen by the parents. A baby who is given a name that may cause them to be made fun of or ridiculed may eventually build up the character of that child if they are taught that their character is the basis for them to be judged by anyone. 

Naming a child is a huge responsibility. Parents should take into consideration all aspects of nick-names that might be placed on their loved ones. Once the child is mature he can insist that he be called “Richard”, instead of Dickie. The responsibility of naming a child should always esteem their character.