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The law is already there it is just being vaguely spoken to. Calling anyone random insulting names among people is called defamation.

Babies can not contest  the names that their parents assign them; they do not have the formative capacity to suggest a point of concern. Naming a person is part of the responsibilities that is required of being a parent. Rollypolly, Fido, and Gatlin George are not names that a humanbeing would expect to be lugging around and learning to write.

 There is no pride in owning a name that other people can make fun of. That’s why there are courts which will upon official documentation, permanently change one’s name to his preferred name; one that represents his personal choice.

 Names are a processing value through which society organizes it lists and arranges its member choices when it comes to belonging to clubs or companies. A name is a discrimination factor that sensitizes people as to how they think of you; it’s more than a signature mark by which you sign your papers. It presents a level of difficulty that other people are challenged to understand by making it practical to look up or consider.

People are offended by things that they cannot possibly learn in a given amount of reasonable time so that they can do their job. Calling a person his license plate Identification number would not only be invasive and illogical, but to most of the comprehensive world unusable and not very memorable considering that there are many people whom do not possess a significant memory.

 People have enough trouble with their short term memory they do not need more creative, complex, and innovative challenges to slow the economy even further. I have made it an effort myself to make sure that people spell my name correctly and it is a combination of three letters. The problem here is that people are confused by sounds which they do not know how to perceive. Perception has lots to do with memory. When a person can perceive how to process what he is attempting to comprehend he is more likely to pay attention to what it is he is trying to achieve because he can see the cumulative response and timely outcome. Names are not meant to belabor peoples lives; if they are wrecklessly intimated such that they mean to be applied to drive a person’s will and identify him they should not only be monitored by law, but carry a penalty if this is not justly taken into account.