It is just easier for boys, but yes it is ok for boys or girls to relieve themselves in public.

We do everything under the sun to teach our children not to wet their clothes and in the same hand we will make them feel shame if they do wet their clothes because we forgot to take them to the bathroom before we left the house, we forget that we had to catch 3 buses to get where we are going and give the child a big bottle of juice on the way. Yes we forgot that this is a child who is just learning how to control their bodies.

We should teach the child that it is ok to relieve himself in public but do not exposes himself. Often, it will depend on where you are, when we I lived in Ohio, we depended on public transportation most of the time and what are you to do when you have a small child who has held himself for over an hour on a bumpy bus ride, or you get to a place of business, of which you are going to spend your money, and it does not have public restrooms and my favorite was those that charge an outrageous fee. So what is you to do, when you transfer buses, duck the child behind a tree before the next bus comes.

My family is 80% female, and at family reunions, all of about 15 girls would be in one bathroom, you can hear different relatives calling for the girls to come out and after about two hour, all you would see is was about five or six of the boys shaking and looking as though they are about to bust. In times such as this, what other choice is there then to go outside?

I have seen clubs with two lines for one bathroom and amusement parks with lines 2 miles long just for the restroom. When the restrooms goes down at my job, the men will usually go behind the plant and the women would go to the local gas station, and at some construction sites the port-o-potty is usually late coming.

My favorite reason for a boy to relieve himself outside was the Hoot Owls. My youngest was about 7 years-old, I was mopping floors and he came to the back door and wanted to use the bathroom, I told him to go to the tree in the backyard so he would not track my floors, after that he always wanted to pee outside by the tree. One day he came in and asked if he could pee outside, I ask him why was he asking and he said that there was a hoot owl that lived in the big tree and that he was trying to tell the neighbors that he was peeing outside. I told him that the owl was just the look out; making sure that the neighbor wasn’t looking at him.

So, it was other dry day in the neighborhood!