Mothers Support Group Benefits

Few responsibilities require as much sacrifice as that of motherhood.  Whether you raise one child, or many, you will devote countless hours to caring for basic needs, teaching a multitude of life lessons, and worrying about a long list of issues that you never imagined existed.  Meanwhile, you may lose touch with many of your closest companions, as more time is required to make sure that your youngster is fed, bathed, clothed, taught, and trained up through the years.  Moms can become so consumed with responsibility to their families, that there is little time left for interacting with adults, never mind adults with similar instances.  If you’ve moved from the life of a career woman, to that of a stay at home mom, you realize that the void caused by the changes is huge, and the guilt over that void, strong. 

A mother’s support group is a wonderful way of addressing your need or desire for interaction with others who have something in common with you.  Meanwhile, it can provide an opportunity for your growing child to interact and develop friendships, as well.  There are many types of mother’s support groups, and by researching, talking to the leaders, and attending get-togethers, you will be able to decide upon one that suits your interests and helps to fill that sense of losing yourself.

Where will you find a mother’s support group?  There are many ways to track down a group in your area.  Your local newspaper will often carry community listings of local organizations which meet.  Read through these community announcements on a regular basis, to determine if any interesting groups are meeting locally.  If the newspaper has a website with a search feature, use it to check for archived announcements or articles pertaining to motherhood support groups.  Check for an announcement board at public buildings, or at the library.  If you attend church, examine the bulletin for information, as many churches have special groups aimed at supporting mothers.  If you don’t have any church connections, this may be an opportune time to make such a connection, through a mom’s group.  As with community announcements, many churches will advertise such meetings in the local newspaper.

If your local search has not produced satisfying results, you may also want to search through online groups.  Yahoo groups has made it easy for various types of groups to develop support systems through email, using the service as a means of communicating events, plans, and get-togethers.  Use the search feature, and refine to narrow down to such terms as mother support groups, or play groups, with additional search terms including your town.  If there is a relevant group, you can request further information and details from the group owner or moderators. If you search diligently, to no avail, consider starting your own group.

Mother support groups provide social interaction for moms, on an adult level.  When you spend your days cleaning up after toddlers, changing diapers, negotiating peace amidst brutal battles over favorite toys, you can lose touch with a mature, reasoning world.  This is your chance to refresh your mind over a cup of tea or coffee, and to talk about the things that matter most to you.  It’s your chance to listen, as well, and to be supportive to another mom who may be struggling.  Motherhood feels lonely, at times, and you will find, through your support group interactions, that you are not alone in that feeling.  You can commiserate over teething troubles, or consult on the latest successful potty training tips.  You can share your favorite recipes for quick meals, or you can ask for opinions on educational approaches and issues.  Sharing your journey with other moms makes it easier to bear the lonely times, the frustrating moments, and the perceived failures.  Sometimes, hearing another mom’s horror story makes yours pale in comparison. 

After you’ve found, or started, a group that suits your interests, stay involved, but don’t be a slave to a rigid schedule.  Just as parenting must be flexible, so must a parenting support group.  Not every mom will make every meeting, nor should they.  Your primary responsibility will be your youngsters, after all.  Still, making a mom’s support group a part of your routine will provide you with something enjoyable to look forward to, and with an opportunity to get a fresh perspective, fresh input and advice, and new ideas for your approach to life as a mom.