Most Amazing Life Experience Motherhood

Ahhh, the joys of motherhood.Yes, it is very old fashioned , but I love being a mommy,and chose motherhood over a career.Before my daughter was born , I worried about everything.Would I love her, would she love me, would I be a good mom.Everyone assured me that these worries would cease once I saw my baby for the first time.I couldn’t imagine that and continued to question myself until I saw her.

No one can accurately describe the feelings that come over you, when you first see your baby. I was in awe of this tiny perfect person.A completely new human ,a combination of me and my husband, yet entirely different.I have experienced this feeling with each of my 6 children.It never grows old , and I am equally amazed with each of them.

Then comes the fun part, parenting. At first you coddle and nurture this vulnerable baby, and before you know it she’s a toddler,telling you no and turning into her own person. It’s so wonderful to see your child’s personality take shape. My parenting skills adjust to each child. I have 4 strong willed and 2 compliant children. If I had only compliant children , I would be positive I was the best mother in the world.They always sleep well, listen well, and behave beautifully.My strong willed children constantly test their limits, say no often, and definitely keep me from being a slacker mom. My own mother has enjoyed this greatly , and assures me that I was the same way.I agree, and I can see the advantages my children will have as strong willed adults.It is my job to help them use it in a good way.

Sometimes I take a moment to reflect what life would have been like had I chosen a childless path. My house would be neat, I would have plenty of time for travel , shopping ,and a career. I would be able to indulge in the bestseller I’ve been dying to read but just can’t find the time. All of that pales in comparison to hearing I Wuv you from my 2 yr.old, and watching my children marvel at every little bug and snail they find. I wouldn’t get a fresh bouquet of dandelions every single day in the spring. If I were having a bad day, their wouldn’t be an action figure stuck in my feminine products to make me laugh. Who could possibly challenge my intellect with a million questions, making me realize how little I do know.

I’m not going to climb the corporate ladder, or change any stereotypes regarding women in the workforce. I have chosen to do what I love, and what nothing else in the world could satisfy. I am the most important person the world , to the 6 little people I love the most.I am a Mommy.