Morning Sickness

Any woman that has experienced morning sickness can testify that there is not a sure-fire, guaranteed way to prevent or eliminate morning sickness. Some women are lucky enough to have a blissful, nausea free pregnancy while others are plagued with it morning, noon and night for the entire duration of their pregnancy. Most women fall somewhere in the middle and have a brief bout with morning sickness during their first or second trimester. There are some things an expectant mother can do to lessen the nausea’s severity.

* Stay hydrated and always have food in your belly.

* Avoid a full stomach.

* Most pregnancy books and physicians swear that having protein in the morning will help. Unfortunately, eating eggs, bacon or sausage when you are already nauseous is not easy. Instead, opt for some peanut butter on crackers or toast. Eating plain peanuts or walnuts will also provide protein.

* A lot of times, morning sickness can be triggered by a certain smell. You may find that changing your cleaning supplies or perfume, putting away a scented candle or avoiding the scents that trigger morning sickness will help.

* Queasy Drops are an over the counter product formulated especially for morning sickness. If you already sick it may be hard to take the strong ginger, cola or sour raspberry flavor, but they will alleviate nausea.

*Pregnant women have sworn by saltines for years. They will not completely get rid of morning sickness, but the will lessen it.

*Smelling peppermint essential oil works immediately but only lasts about fifteen minutes. Conveniently, the bottle is small enough you can carry it around in your purse or pocket. A mother that was plagued with getting sick their entire pregnancy swears by it saying that it is the only way she could make it through her work day.

*Rolaids and Tums might work but discuss it with your doctor first. The chewy Rolaids seem to be the most effective because they do not have that chalky flavor that can make you sicker.

* It may be difficult to keep them down but prenatal vitamins are essential and can ward off nausea. Try taking them at a time when you normally do not experience morning sickness, like before bed. Do not take them on an empty stomach.

* Sometimes, there is nothing you can do and the more you try to feel better the worse you get. Giving in and just getting sick will provide instant relief.

It can be very trying when your pregnancy is consumed by nausea. Instead of enjoying the wonderful baby growing inside of you, you are enjoying the inside of trashcans and toilets. Nine months of nausea is worth the price when you hold your newborn angel in your arms for the first time. Enjoy your pregnancy the best you can, knowing that in a few short months you will be granted the most amazing reward for your trouble.