Monitoring your Childs Computer Time

It is very important for kids to get exposed to usage of computers. This has become a requirement these days. But there has to limitations to it. Of course the Internet is fun for kids, they can play a lot of games and at the same time they can learn a lot. But there are a lot of dangers that come along with it.

Here are few tips to keep in mind when your child is on the computer.

1. Internet has the entire world in it.. As we all know there are so many predators out there waiting to trap kids by sending messages and attracting them. So we should monitor the children and how much time they spend and what they do when they are online.

2. When they first learn about emails, chatting etc, kids are too excited and start chatting with friends & acquaintances. It is very important to keep an eye on them and also advice them about the dangers behind them.

3. There are ways to control the amount of time children spend on the computer. We can keep the computer logged off when not used and remotely monitor the amount of time they are logged in.

4. You can sit with them sometimes to make sure they are not doing something they are not supposed to.

5. Track their usage by monitoring the websites they have been visiting. You can do that by looking at the browser history.

6. Based on your Internet provider you can also add parental controls and block inappropriate pages.

7. Also keep in mind, you have to maintain the trust between you & your child. Instead of spying on them, talk to them about the dangers. Give them examples about the victims that you have read about or heard of. It is essential that you communicate with your child about the computer and the Internet, and explain all the risks and dangers.

8. You may want to tell them that they should never give out their personal information anywhere or to anyone online.

9. Of course you have to remember the health concerns. sitting on the computer for long hours not only makes them lazy but bad for their eyes too. Children need physical activities, so make sure they are not sitting there for hours together.

10. You may want to place the computer in a common area like a family room or living area where people are around so you can keep an eye on what sites they have been visiting.

11. The children should be alloted a certain amount time for computer.. Not a minute more than that! Following the schedule keeps them happy & you happy.

12. Don’t forget that web sites are growing so rapidly that n number of them are added everyday. So, be vigilant & watchful parents.

Do your research & remember that keeping your kids safe is your biggest challenge. I’m sure these tips will help you with that.. Good luck!