Money Saving Tips for Working Parents

Everybody likes money.  Those who have it do not necessarily want to spend it, while those who have to make do with less like to stretch their dollars as far as possible.  Saving money and reducing expenditure has just about become a national pastime.  The following is a list of money saving tips for working parents.

Monday to Friday working parents can save a lot of money simply by packing a lunch at home.  Going to a delicatessen store or picking something up from a food court is rather tempting when lunchtime comes around, but those take-out lunches walk away with a lot of money.  At just $5 a day you’re looking at $105 per month.

Coffee is another item you might be spending a lot of money on.  If you buy two cups a day, $4 might not seem like much, but over 21 working days those two cups add up to $84.

When considering how to reduce expenditure at home, there are a number of money saving ideas.  Save water and electricity by taking showers instead of baths. 
Depending on the age and sex of the children, let them bath together instead of washing them individually. 
Do the dishes by hand instead of switching on the water wasting dishwasher.

Instead of eating out, cook at home.  If you know there will be days that you don’t feel like cooking, rather than ordering take-out, keep a couple of frozen dinners in the freezer. 
You could also cook for two days, store the leftovers in the refrigerator and warm them up the next day.
Instead of meat, you could have beans or eggs one day a week.  Eggs can be prepared in a number of ways and are as nutritious as meat.

If you and your family are fond of drinking water, give the small 750 ml bottles a miss and consider buying a 25 liter bottle.  Have you thought of installing a water purifier?  With less plastic bottles in your garbage you will be doing the environment a favor.

Keeping the environment in mind, you also might want to use real towels instead of paper towels; real cups, glasses and plates instead of paper ones. 

Children can cost a lot of money, but even families with children can save money.  When shopping for clothes or toys, have a look on-line instead of going to the mall.  eBay and Etsy have a wide selection of new, used and handmade clothes and toys sure to please anyone.

Working parents might want to sit down with their children and discuss money saving ideas.  Rather than forcing ideas on the kids, involve them in the decision making.  They might surprise you with some ideas of their own.