Meditation to get Pregnant

Meditation to some might conjure up visions similar to watching paint dry.  Mental pictures of New Age gurus sitting on a Zabuton and Zafu, burning incense or chanting are foreign concepts to many; however, meditation can be done in many ways.

Meditation comes from the Latin root meditatum, meaning, to ponder. It isn’t necessary to have a “mediation room”, fancy pillows or a ritual. One needs only a subject to ponder, and a little time.

In  this modern day and age, we run haphazardly from one event to another, with little consideration to any of it. Time schedules are filled with meetings, errands and obligations. We text, use social networking and talk on the phone simultaneously , never really becoming engaged in the activity totally. We speak to each other by talking “at” the person, sometimes yelling from room to room without ever making eye contact. It’s a wonder there are ever any children born anymore.

Meditation is a powerful tool to bring us into the here and now, forcing us to concentrate on one task, in the present, for a certain length of time. In this realm, the “what if'”s and “but”s have no room within the mind. This technique can be a powerful aide to anyone trying to become pregnant, especially to those who may be having trouble. Barring any medical reason for not being able to conceive, meditation can reset the mind/body connection, bringing focus to positive points in life and can be done in as little as 5 minutes. Focusing on positive affirmations, such as, “I have the ability to give and receive love freely. I have the power to bring forth life” can give the body the energy and reinforcement to do what comes naturally. Visualizing a place or time where one felt safe and happy can enhance the experience.
Meditation is best performed in a place where there are no distractions, is fairly quiet, and provides a sense of peace and calming. It can be performed walking through grass, sitting on the floor, or lying down; however, one must be diligent not to fall asleep. 

Additionally, meditation cannot be emphasized enough for people who are going through fertility treatments, such as IVF . Many couples going through these treatments are nervous and/or fearful of the outcome. Some spend hours on message boards pouring through the sad stories from people that had no success with the treatments; however, this can cause a negative effect on the body and undue stress. Stress in not a conducive atmosphere for conception and often times will negate the chances to conceive; however, simply telling someone undergoing fertility treatments to relax can create stress in itself. Suggesting positive meditation can relieve much of the anxiety felt by couples in fertility treatments.

Focusing in the present takes practice and it is suggested to start mediation for short periods of time for those just starting out. After a series of regular sessions, one can begin to extend the lengths of time in mediation. Many beginners are amazed by the amount of energy that re-surges after meditating and find themselves wanting to do it again.