Mashed potato meals (so delicious)

Mashed potatoes are a deliciously versatile dish to keep on hand in the refrigerator  for any occasion or meal. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there is always a place for mashed potatoes on the plate. 


Cook some bacon, sausage, or other breakfast meat in a skillet. [Vegetarians skip to step 2]

Add in vegetables to saute such as onion, tomato, and peppers (or replace vegetables with three scoops of salsa.

Add a healthy portion of mashed potatoes to the pan when you crack your eggs over the breakfast medley. (1-2 eggs per person recommended)

Turn the stove to the lowest setting, almost off, then cover the pan, and let do not disturb for 10 minutes.

After a gelatinous solidification has occurred (when you jiggle the pan handle, the eggs mimic Jello) flip the medley and cover with cheese. Turn off the heat and wait for the cheese to melt. 

Voila! You have the ultimate meal: it’s the type of breakfast that puts you back to sleep.


Thanksgiving leftovers = the divine blessing. ‘Nuff said.

Bread. Cheese. Turkey. Gravy. Stuffing. Gravy. Mashed potatoes. Black pepper. Bread.

Toast until the sandwich reaches a golden brown perfection. Cranberry sauce optional (if you like that sort of thing). 


This next dish is an all-time favorite in my household: Hamburger Surprise.

The base of the pie is a combination of cooked green beans, sauteed onions, browned ground beef, and robust tomato sauce. Mix together and place in an oven safe dish. Top with Mashed potatoes, then put in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes or until thoroughly warm. Then, you’re good to go with a delicious warm meal for a cold winter’s day.