Making your toddler feel involved in your family life

Toddlers are at a stage where they want to explore the world, and in their quest learn as much as possible. Children are eager to be involved with everything to be able to experience all that the world has to offer. Toddlers also need love and want to feel like they are part of the family unit, which is why it is important to make toddlers feel involved in family life.

Here are some tips on how to involve your toddler in family life:

Everyday tasks

Toddlers absorb everything around them, and they have been observing family activities for a long time and are now ready to join in. Toddlers are capable of helping with many different tasks. Ask them to help and assist with daily tasks such as preparing food. They can carry out simple tasks such as pouring, mixing, kneading or even rolling out dough. Keep the tasks simple and age-appropriate. Give them the opportunity to help whenever possible. Not only are they good helpers in the kitchen, they are also good at cleaning. Give them a duster and allow them to help with chores around the home. Toddlers enjoy doing what their parents do.

Making decisions

Another way to make toddlers feel involved is by allowing them to make decisions. Ask your toddler their opinion on what meals would be good to include in the upcoming week, and allow her to help find the food needed whilst grocery shopping. This makes your child feel like his or her opinion counts, making your child feel a valuable part of the family. There are many opportunities where you can be ask for your child’s opinion to help with daily tasks that are an important part of daily life. Giving your child extra responsibilities and involving him or her in decision making is crucial for development, as it will prepare him or her for later life.

Involve your toddler in day-to-day activities

Include your toddler in family life as much as possible, as this fosters independence and confidence. It also gives him or her a sense of security and self-worth, as your child is learning how to deal with everyday tasks, and in doing so he or she is learning important life skills. Your toddler can be involved with everything from planning and preparing meals, household chores, family games and general day-to-day activities that take place. Allow your child to be part of everything that goes on to make him or her feel involved in family life.

Toddlers are at a stage where they strive to learn, and the best way of learning important life skills is by being involved in everyday family activities. Toddlers gain many benefits from doing so, as they will be better equipped to handle everyday tasks and situations in later life. Toddlers love to get involved, and they get great pleasure from helping out. Involving toddlers in family life is imperative to their social and emotional development, as well as giving them self-worth and independence.