Making Bedtime your Childs best Time of the Day

Bedtime routines make it much easier for children to relax and drift off into a peaceful slumber. Make sure that you dedicate this time solely to your child. Do not let anything else interfere with this special time. Reading, singing and telling stories are some ways of making bedtime the best 20 minutes of the day for your child.

Reading before bed every night is a routine that will whisk your child away to other worlds. Before children can read on their own, you can read to them. Picture books are great for young children. Picture books have a fun story and a lot of pictures that can you can share with your child. You may have to read a lot of books at this point, but they are short so kids get to go on a lot of adventures. As kids get older, short chapter books are fun. Make a plan to read a certain amount of chapters each night. Your child will look forward to bedtime every night to go on the adventure in the storybook. You will find sometimes that you look forward to the adventure too. As your child gets older, if he or she wants to, let him read once in a while. Most of the time the child just wants to relax and be read to, which is just fine.

Singing to your child before bed can make this the best time of the day. Most children love music and they like to sing along to songs that they hear and are familiar with. It is also fun to add some funny songs to the night. Kids love funny songs. It is enjoyable to come up with your own funny songs.

Kids love to hear stories that you make up for them, or classic stories you were told as a child. They enjoy listening to the tales that you tell unfold. They also love to tell stories of their own. Make bed time story telling time. One night tell a story that you make up as you go. The next night tell a story that you heard as a child and then another night let your child tell you a story; it can be one that he or she made up or one that you’ve told. Kids can hear a story over and over again; they love repetition. Never tell them that you’ve heard that story before, let them retell it to you in their own unique way. Some nights you can mix it up and make up a story, tell one you know and let your child tell a story. It will be a priceless part of the day no matter how the stories go.

The most important way to make sure bed time is a special time for your child is to have fun yourself. It is a time to slow down, relax and enjoy time with your child. If your child knows that you enjoy spending this special time with him or her, no matter what you do it will be the best part of the day.