Make bath time fun for children

Children either love or hate water, and if they hate it, they will certainly protest and make it well known. It is imperative to get children to enjoy being in water, to feel safe and confident. Forcing a child to take a bath can cause them irrational fears, and it can make this fun and relaxing activity stressful for all involved. Many children are a little apprehensive about getting into the water, so patience and fun need to be added into the mix to ensure that bath time is enjoyable.

Here are some tips to make bath time fun for children:

Fun with bubbles

Bath time should be made to feel like a fun experience. Keep the tone positive with lots of encouragement and interaction with the water to let your child see that it is a positive, fun time. Add some scrumptious bubble bath under running water to create white frothy bubbles, and a nice scent to make the bath look inviting. The bubbles alone are enough to make a child curious. Let your child help pour the bubble bath in and watch the bubbles form. This is an ideal time to encourage them to want to play in the bath.

Baths are more fun with toys

There’s a multitude of toys that are designed for bath time, however, many ordinary toys can be played with in the bath to offer a different play experience. Ensure the toys that are going to be played with in the bath are going to dry out with ease after, and that there are no holes to allow water to collect inside the toy, as this can cause the toy to go rotten. Alternatively, raid the kitchen cabinets to find a host of fun items that are ideal for playing in water. Plastic cups are great for pouring, funnels for pouring water through, colanders are intriguing to watch the water trickle through the holes. Toys add a whole new fun experience, as a child explores different objects that move the water about differently.

Splashing about

Bath time is the ideal opportunity to have unlimited fun, without worrying about a bit of water getting on the floor. One way or another, the room will become wet, and it is better that this is caused through play, and not protesting. What better way to elicit giggles and have fun than squirting water, this is enjoyed by all, young and old. There are various methods for squirting water, water pistols are designed for this purpose, however, if this is a toy that one would rather not have, then squirt bottles made from washing up liquid bottles or any plastic bottle that has a nozzle is great for squirting water from. Ensure that the bottles are clean, and have fun filling them under the water and squirting it back into the water, which also creates extra bubbles.

Sticky fun

There are various foam toys that are animal or letter shaped, these adhere to the tiles once wet, and are great fun for children. Foam sea creatures encourage fun and create an undersea experience. Foam letters serve as a fun game and an educational tool, too. These encourage children to make words, read, and recognize words all in a fun and engaging way. Soap crayons are another fun idea, as these allow children to get artistic in the bath whilst enjoying having a soak. This can make art fun and there is less worry about mess, as it will all wash away. Ensure to change what toys are used in the bath to keep the experience fun and engaging. Concentrate on the fun element, rather than educating your child.

Bath time accessories

Items that are used for bath time can either make it pleasurable and fun, or the opposite. It is imperative to select products that are going to add to a happy bath time experience to avoid tears. The soap that is used needs to be child friendly, ensuring that it is appealing whilst being kind to skin and eyes. Choose a wash cloth or sponge that is vibrant in color that is super soft to ensure that it feels nice against delicate skin. Shampoo needs to be mild and tear free, as often hair washing can be the main disaster during bath time. Getting soap in the eyes that stings can certainly put a child off bathing, and it can take an awful lot of coercing and encouragement to get them to want to bath again. Choose bath time products with care to enhance the experience.

Keep bath time safe, never leave a child unattended, and ensure that the floor is covered to prevent accidents. Have fun exploring water in different ways, and share a fun time, children will come to love bath time, which will encourage confidence in the water.