Lower Bills Increased Income more Space and Privacy are just some of the Benefits of an Empty Nest

You have just waved goodbye to the last one of your fledglings to quit the nest, off to college, or to their first apartment, or to a new job in another city.  Your house seems strangely empty, your footsteps sounding loud as you walk through a newly vacant room and your voices seeming to echo in the unaccustomed void.  Is this a time for tear and regret?  Most definitely not.

Rejoice in the fact that you have successfully reared your child to venture confidently out into the big wide world, and at the same time celebrate your new-found space and independence.  Just imagine how much less work there will be to do.  Children are a blessing, but even the most devoted parents will admit that the blessings are mixed.  After twenty years or more of constant toil, from diapers to driving instruction, you are now relatively free.  There will be less cleaning and laundry and no more acting as unpaid chauffeur.  You will no longer lie awake at night wondering why they are so late coming home, because if they do stay out late you just won’t know about it.

Not only will there be less work and worry, your household budget will benefit too.  The first noticeable cost reduction will be in your phone bill.  Isn’t it great to be able to use the phone whenever you like?  The other utility accounts will be lower too, with fewer rooms to heat and an end to fifteen minute hot showers.  Instead of letting the savings simply melt away, consider putting them in a special bank account you will use to reward yourself for lasting the course as a parent.

You could even add to your (empty) nest egg by taking in a paying guest, now that you have a spare bedroom.  If you are very selective about who you take under your roof, you could find that you have swapped your unappreciative offspring for a person who is extremely grateful for the accommodation and care that your kids took for granted.  No-one can supplant your children’s place in your heart, but your guest’s appreciation and payments could make them a welcome addition to your household.

If you would rather preserve your privacy, consider converting the spare room into a hobby area instead.  You may have longed to take up oil painting, pottery, quilting or model railways.  Perhaps you would like a home gym, or a comfortable den in which to write the novel that is buzzing around inside your head.  You now have not only the time but also the space to indulge your dreams.

Another popular way for empty-nesters to make use of extra time and cash is to renovate their home.  After years of raising kids your house or apartment may be looking tired and in need of a makeover.  A small bedroom might become a luxurious bathroom, and your tiny kitchen could be extended and transformed into a chef’s delight.  Even if you only choose to repaint, or rip up the carpets and polish the floorboards, there will be no kids on hand to grumble about the mess or complain about the disappearance of the room that was once their personal retreat.

With no-one else around to be embarrassed, you and your partner can re-invigorate the romance in your relationship.  There will be no interruptions to your candlelit dinners, no need to tiptoe up the stairs and close the bedroom door, no reproving looks when you cuddle up together on the couch.  An empty nest can double as a love nest.

Finally, when you’re ready, you can lock the door behind you as you take off on your travels, without worrying about leaving the kids home alone.  The world is still waiting to be explored, just as it was before you ran out of time, space and money.  Now thanks to your empty nest, you have time and cash to spare to turn your dreams into reality.