Low Cost Activities for Kids during Summer

Kids are bound to get bored over their long summer vacation. Family vacations to an amusement park can cost hundreds of dollars and even a night out to the movies can easily cost more than $40 for a family of four. However, summer fun doesn’t have to be a costly dent in your pocket. There are many family friendly activities offered for free, or at a low cost, within your local community.

A trip to the pool

Swimming at a public pool is a fun and free way to cool off during the hot summer days. Kids of all ages love swimming so there’s a good chance that your little ones will have playmates. They can also bring along some pool toys for additional fun. At public pools, there are always lifeguards and plentiful seating so you can feel free to relax with a book or talk to other parents.

Family days at the museum

Many art and history museums offer discounted or free admission at least once a week to families. Museums usually have something that appeals to everyone and they can serve as an educational experience. Interactive exhibits will excite children and stir their imaginations. You can also engage your children by asking them what they like (or don’t like) about certain paintings. Some museums also have children’s sections where they can play and learn in a safe environment.

Tour a local chocolate factory or store

Let your child feel like Charlie and find a chocolate factory or store that offers tours. Your child will be wowed by the machinery and they’ll learn a lot about how their favorite treats are made. Your child’s sweet tooth will be satisfied by the free samples offered at the end of the tour. A visit to the chocolate factory will be a sweet experience for the whole family.

Kid-friendly workshops

Hardware stores such Lowe’s and Home Depot offer free workshops for children where they can make toys based off popular movies, bird houses or fire trucks. These events usually occur only once a month so be sure to call your local store to check the schedule and sign up.

Visit the library

Libraries have an endless assortment of books in the children’s section for the little ones to read and get lost in. If your child needs incentive to read, many public libraries also have children’s programs over the summer that award children with little prizes for every five or so books that they read. Libraries also host kid friendly events such as story time, movies and craft making. Sign your children up for a library card so that they can borrow as many books or movies as they want. They can practice being responsible by taking care of the borrowed items.

Arts and crafts

The family doesn’t have to leave the house to have fun. Let your children express their creativity by letting them make masterpieces. All of the tools they need can be found around the house or for a cheap price at the local supermarket. Set up an area with crayons, markers, colored paper, glue and scissors and let them go wild. You can also print instructions for easy crafts, such as paper chains or beginner origami, off the internet. For easy cleanup, lay out newspapers and make sure that they only have access to washable crayons and markers.

There are so many more affordable and fun things to do with your children over the summer. Scan through your local newspaper to find fun activities within your community.