Loving your Life how to Enjoy being a Single Mom

Being a single Mom is one of the toughest gigs a woman can have. It’s hard to get up every day and take care of the kids by yourself, while working a full time job. Single moms listen up, there’s help just around the corner, in this article. Discover how you can love being a single Mom;

Do you find yourself yelling way too much at the kids, and having this feeling like you are it twenty four hours a day, seven days a week? Help yourself by taking care of yourself. Carve out some time every week, possibly every day, to take care of yourself. Forget about that housework that never goes away,and remember to work out four to five days a week. Take the kids for a walk after dinner every night. Ask a helpful neighbor, or relative to watch your kids so that you can exercise, or go for a refreshing, stimulating walk. Go to a gym to work out, join an exercise class to get rid of that unwanted fat. Join a fun class, and you will be killing two birds with one stone.

 You may feel tired at first, after working out. But after time you will start to feel stronger.

Love being a single mom by engaging in activities to have fun with your kids. Remember the housework can wait, but the kids can’t. Take the kids to engage in a  fun activity for all of you. Take them to an outdoor concert that is for families. Go camping, go hiking,biking, walking or talk to your neighbors that are friendly. Join or start a group for single Moms in your local area. Hire several babysitters, and leave the kids behind, while you have a Moms Night Out. Reserving  one night out a month, you will feel better about life.

Do something fun with the kids. Play board games at home. Go sledding,or make a snowman. In warmer weather, go swimming together, go to an amusement park. Watch a baseball game. You can even make doing boring, old housework more fun by making it a game of how fast everyone can get their chores done.

Remember to keep your sense of humor. Sometimes it is really tough to have a sense of humor about life, when you are struggling on your own. Laugh at your kids’ jokes. Make time to do something with your kids at least once a week. Watch a comedy show, meant for adults. And get back in there, by going on dates. You have needs, and feelings also. To keep yourself  healthy and emotionally happy, take time out to go on dates, talk to men, talk to other moms, and eat healthy foods, to keep on the healthy side of life.