Is It Normal To Finger Yourself?

So, you’re asking the question “Is It Normal To Finger Yourself?”. Well, it is not as commonly or blatantly discussed as male masturbation. Girls and women do not make a custom to constantly reference to it, make it into punch lines or discuss it among friends even; but fingering yourself is definitely normal. In fact, most every adult female has at one point in their lives tried it.

Wouldn’t it be shocking to find out that your partner knows more about your intimate regions? Or maybe you are constantly dissatisfied with sex because you yourself do not know what you want? Well the best thing to do is to get to know yourself better.

Masturbation gives women an opportunity to explore themselves and know what and where it feels good. Fingering yourself actually gives you sexual freedom and makes you more confident about yourself, and really, many normal and healthy women only experience orgasm through personal stimulation.

Masturbation is the first and most important sexual act a woman should practice and experience; and one should not feel guilty doing it as it is a normal human tendency. No matter how sexually liberated our world has become, female masturbation still holds a little taboo; and that’s what we need to let go of. Pleasuring yourself is as normal as your urge to buy yourself beautiful clothes or eat delicious food; of course appropriate public and private behavior apply.

Now that you know that fingering yourself is not in the least way “wrong” or “abnormal”; it doesn’t make you a sexual deviant or a sex addict, go ahead and treat yourself.

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