Life Skills for Teens

The hard lessons come first, the good, old-fashioned, common sense lessons. Listening is one of these; it is an important skill for teens to master. Another is the ability to follow step by step directions. These are both communication skills. Critical thinking also is a part of this and it leads to independence of thought.

Don’t believe everything you hear. Critical thinking is essential to take some of the edge off of peer pressure and advertising. Say you want to buy a house, are you going to trust a real estate agent or a loan agent to say if you can afford it? There are many people losing their homes these days and the economy is only part of the problem. These homeowners were hustled by the real estate and loan groups. There is always some scam to trap the unwary.

Stay willing to learn on a life long basis. Advancements in technology leave no room for sitting back and faking it. Leaving school only means that you intend to pursue your education on your own. Trade schools at least prepare an individual for the basics of earning a living. Technical training is a must. Teens should be told to get yourself a trade. Then you have a means of support while you’re waiting to become rich and famous.

Toughen up to critique. Don’t take it personally. There are actually more tests in the real world than there are in school. So you will get smacked around a little. Or maybe a lot. But it does behoove the individual to learn to suck it up.

What they’ve been taught most likely isn’t the skill set they are going to need to survive in the modern world. Teens are somewhat like babies being tossed to wolves. But before tossing the babies to the wolves, there are facts that they need to know. What they first need is to know is how to go about getting a job.

That means research, resumes, interviews, then follow up, repeatedly until a job is in hand. Then it’s time to find a place to live, and figure how to properly educate themselves to deal with anything that is facing them. Very important points are exercise, nutrition, good health, how to manage a bank account and a budget.

Life is not exactly as pretty as that presented in fairy-tales. Teens are no longer the center of the universe; also elders are not servants devoted to their cause. Some teens may also feel that money is the root of all that is holy, or further that they are entitled to a fat cut, or entitled to the good life. Many are the lessons they may not have learned by this point.