Lessons from your grandparents

Grandparents are the link to your heritage. Their lives are a testament to a past you may never grasp, yet the stories of old are how you maintain a connection and that alone is priceless. Each generation lived is a moment in time that only further connects you on a more intimate level. You are blessed beyond measure that your grandparents share that part of their lives with you teaching values that are held so dear today.

Work ethic

Hard work never killed anybody! Does that sound familiar? If it’s not broke, then it doesn’t need fixing! A penny earned is a penny saved. These are just a few of the many sayings passed down from a generation that only lives in the memories of many grandparents. This is what they were taught and this is what they tried to instill. This is  heritage that to some sounds old-fashioned, but the same principles apply today. A grandparent’s wisdom and knowledge cannot be ignored.

Sense of belonging

Perhaps you’ve thought about where did you really come from? Not biologically, but on a level that’s deeper than mere DNA and family genes. Families are units that evolve from generation to generation. That same purpose is the link to a sense of belonging that only comes from being connected to others that share the same emotions, past, and heritage. Grandparents pass that on through stories told over and over again. That alone is immeasurable in its purpose to stabilize a sense of belonging.


Values come from those before. You learn the importance of honesty, the simplicity of patience in a world that’s growing ever more hectic and frightening. You cling to ideas that seem impossible, yet the meaning only intensifies as you become older and wiser to ways of the world. Mayberry was a fictional town full of colorful characters that  all related to in some way. When you sit still and fully listen to your grandparents, they tell of a place and time much like Mayberry even if only in their hearts. The values remain the same no matter the present day marked on the calendar.

The importance of failure

How can that be valuable you ask? Perhaps their failures can be our successes. If no one ever failed, how would one learn the pleasure of success?  Grandparents have been there and done that. The phrase “youth is wasted on the young” is so very true, yet that can’t ever be understood as it’s meant to until you have been through your own trials, both good and bad.

Grandparents hold the key to your past and your future. Their wealth of knowledge and wisdom can only make a better society, better people and most importantly, better parents. The day will come when little ones will hold onto your every word. You owe it to them to speak words of kindness, words of encouragement and most importantly words of unconditional love.

Grandparents hold an advantage we’ll never completely understand until we are the ones looking into the eyes or our own children’s children. Every sacrifice, every emotion happy or sad will fade in that moment when that precious bundle is placed into your arms where it will hold your heart the rest of your life.