Leaving Young Children Home alone

Have you ever had your child come to you crying because the neighbor’s kid or kids did something that hurt them, but when you go to discuss it with their parent or parents you find that they have been left home alone? More and more parents are leaving their first and second grader’s home alone because they are having to work multiple jobs, just to put food on the table, and clothes on their backs, and they don’t want to have to spend their hard earned money to pay a babysitter.

Some parents leave their children at home for long periods of time without rules and instructions as to what they can and cannot do while they are gone and even if they are given rules that are to be followed, there is no adult in the home to enforce these rules and see that they are being followed. Some parents are finding that their preteens and teenagers are not mature enough and responsible enough to stay home alone because they are constantly getting into things that they have been told time and time again not to.

It is understandable that some families with the economy today depend on two working parents to make ends meet, but that doesn’t mean that you just let your kids go and do whatever they want to do, with anyone that they want. The parents are still responsible for making sure that their children are not getting into trouble and doing things that they know they should not be doing while their parents are at work. Now that there are computers and Internet, this is really becoming a concern, because these young people are meeting other people online who may have intentions that the young person is not aware of and can’t see online. This is how teenage girls are getting thoughts in their head that their home life may be so bad that they run away and end up getting into very dangerous things like prostitution and drugs. These types of activities, could lead to teenage pregnancy, and maybe even death.

Some people are hesitant to leave teenagers who are in their late teens at home because they are being influenced by other teens in their schools, who are not being given the proper guidance and attention at home from their own parents, and they are making poor choices.

So, in conclusion, there is no firm age as to how young is to young to be left home alone.  Parents need to be listening better to their children and watching for the warning signs that they might be in with the wrong crowd and heading for trouble and if necessary, take the time away from their career to focus on what is going on in their child’s life and fix any problems before they get worse.