Labor Tips for Natural Childbirth

Many women  today desire to give birth in a natural way, without the help of painkillers or other medicines. Unfortunately, many give up this dream when labor starts, since it can be very difficult and painful. While there are times when you might need to change your mind and use the medicines available, there are a few things you can do yourself that will help you in fulfilling your dream of a natural childbirth.

Preparations will start long before it is time for birth. By eating well and doing the proper exercises during your pregnancy,  you will be more fit when the time comes for giving birth. This will help you not to tire out as quickly.

Practice your breathing so it comes natural to you when the birth starts. Knowing how to control your breathing does help relieve the pain. There are different types of breathing exercises you can do, like Lamaze or the Bradley method. See if there are classes in your area. It is good to go with your birthing partner, so that he/she can help you keeping it up when the time comes. In general, deep, controlled breathing is of great benefit at the early stages of birth.

Another tested method is to open up your palms and mouth. The natural inclination when in severe pain, such as at child birth, is to tense up your body. By keeping the palm open, your body will automatically relax itself. Sounds simple, but it really works.

Some women feel that having a relaxed environment will help them focus on the baby rather than the pain. In some hospitals you are allowed to bring candles and music. Discuss with  your partner what you think will work for you, at the different stages of birth. In the beginning many prefer soft, relaxing music, switching to something with a steadier beat as the labor intensifies.

Using a birthing ball can help speed up the birth in a natural way. Sitting on it, rocking to and fro will help the baby descend very well into the pelvis. Check with the hospital if they already have them, otherwise they are not so expensive to buy. The position of squatting, like you do on the ball, is one that is used in many cultures for giving birth. Other women find that hanging on a walker (or their partner) will serve the same purpose. Often, moving around, rather than lying down, will ease the pain somewhat.

It is a great help having someone with you during birth, somebody you trust. This person can help you buy coaching you, but also by massaging  you. Bring some nice oils or creams with you, this will help with the massage. Some women also find that applying either hot or cold packs on the parts of the body where the pain is, will soothe and help.

Giving birth is not a simple thing,  you are bound to feel pain. Every woman is different, and the reaction to pain also differs. Most of the time it is difficult to completely eliminate all the pain during a natural childbirth. These tips will help you, though, to work with the pain instead of resisting it. This will help you cope, and will make a big difference.