Knowing You’re Pregnant – No

There was a story quite a while ago about a woman who went to use the bathroom and ended up giving birth. She was totally surprised to find out she had been pregnant. It’s hard to believe but this isn’t the only case where a woman has given birth without realizing they were pregnant. I hear the stories but I still can’t understand how you can be pregnant and not know it.

As we all know, your body goes through a lot of changes when you’re pregnant. Every woman’s pregnancy is different but from my experience, it was hard not to notice that my body was doing things it hadn’t done before.

My first obvious clue, which it is for most women, was the absence of my menstrual cycle. There are some women, however, that still have their menstrual cycle during the first few months of their pregnancy so they wouldn’t suspect they were pregnant. I also experienced morning sickness, but again, there are a lot of women who never have morning sickness.

Some women have cravings for weird food combinations – ice cream and pickles is one we’re all familiar with. Again, this doesn’t happen with all pregnancies. I never had food cravings but being pregnant made me very sensitive to some foods. For example, it would make me sick to my stomach to smell hamburger cooking.

There are some women who don’t experience these and other changes during the first stages of their pregnancy so it is possible for them not to suspect that they are pregnant. However, as the pregnancy progresses, I feel it’s impossible to not notice the different things that are happening to your body.

Once that baby starts growing, you start growing with it. It’s hard not to notice that your stomach is growing. Although, for some of those women who say they didn’t know they were pregnant, they blamed their weight gain on overeating. The weight gained during pregnancy again depends on the individual. My friend, who is very slim, just had a little “baby bump” when she was pregnant. Me, on the other hand, grew so big that I couldn’t fit into the restaurant booths. Another thing that happens once the baby starts growing is that it starts moving inside of you. In my opinion, this is a change that you just can’t ignore. How can any woman feel her baby move inside of her and not know she’s pregnant? I remember laying in bed at night and the baby would move so much that I would have this big lump on my side. Also, when that baby kicks inside of you, you have to know that it’s more than just gas. A baby moving and kicking inside of you is a feeling like no other and it’s one that you never forget.