Knowing when to let go of your Child

Parents are teachers, minus the degrees. In their arms lies this precious gift, that has to be taught how to walk and talk, what to touch and what not to; and the thought of letting go of their most valued pupil is a scary thought for most parents.

How does a parent know when to let go of their child? The obvious answer is never. Although, realistically parents have to allow their children to make their own decisions, which in most cases will lead to mistakes, but life is all about learning and growing, due to the mistakes we make along the way. There is always a lesson to be taught in every good and bad decision that is made. Whether a child is able to learn from the bad decisions they make, and develop the skills necessary to keep from repeating this process; all comes back to the parents. This is where a parents teaching ability can make a drastic difference in their child’s decision making process.

Lead by example. Being a positive role model in a child’s life can make a bigger difference than most parents realize. A child only knows what he or she is taught, and being a good example for them to follow is a way parents can ensure their children a healthy and prosperous future. Children learn how to behave and handle certain life situations, by watching their parents. If a parent acts poorly and makes bad decisions, more often than not, the child will follow in their footsteps.

Research has shown that eighty-percent of children who witness poor eating habits and have overweight parents, also suffer from the same types of eating patterns, causing them to have weight issues as well. This problem can be eliminated through leading by example. If a parent is active and has healthy eating habits, it is more likely that the child will as well, but if a child witnesses their parent sitting in front of the television with a bowl of ice cream, then the same applies.

Being a productive member of society and showcasing your hard work and determination will also lead to your child’s success. It is important for children to witness what it takes to become successful. Children watch their parents work and develop their ethnic skills due to what they have witnessed.

Children have the ability to teach the parents how to be better parents. For example, perhaps you had a rough childhood and had to learn life lessons in ways that you do not want your child to. Teaching your child through your own experiences in life can also aid them when they are on their own. Educate your child about a life they will never know, a world they will never see, and provide them with the proper knowledge to help them make the right decisions; if and when they ever find themselves in a similar situation. It is important for children to be aware of their surroundings and to be prepared for unpredictable circumstances.

Knowing when to let go of your child all comes down to trust. Trust your own ability as a parent, and above all else, trust your child. Every move you have made since the moment they were born, you have been preparing them for life on their own. Trusting in your own guidance as a parent is important when the time comes for your child to venture out into the world without your protection. Knowing that you have provided your child with the skills necessary to lead a healthy and happy life, will make the letting go process much easier on you both.