Kit List for Girl Guides Camp and how to Equip a Girl Guide Cheaply for an Adventure Holiday

This is an exciting year for Girlguiding UK as a whole year of celebrations have been arranged to mark the 100th year of Girl Guiding. Guide camps and adventure holidays have been taking place all over the UK to celebrate the centenary, with many more still to come.

Guide camp needn’t burn a hole in parents’ pockets as there are many activities on offer, some at a much reduced rate, to enable guides from all over the UK to take part in the celebrations. The Guider organising the camp should give out a kit list well in advance in order to help you get prepared. If tents are being supplied this will make it cheaper.

There are essentials that will already be in normal everyday use and therefore shouldn’t cost a lot to supply. These will include underwear, T-shirts, Trousers, Shorts and Jumpers. Since the Guide will be expected to wear her uniform, a change of clothing may mean having to buy some extra items of clothing. Check with other mums whose daughters are leaving Guides if they might want to sell the items needed or keep an eye on e-bay to purchase clothing and equipment at a reduced price.

Pyjamas are recommended as nightdresses tend to gather around the neck and are uncomfortable for the guides in sleeping bags. Your daughter will probably need her own sleeping bag, a sleeping mat and ground sheet. These are items that may be borrowed to keep costs down. A trip to your local supermarket should enable you to equip your daughter with plastic plate, bowl, mug and cutlery very cheaply.

It is likely the kit list will also include a wash bag and wash equipment which again will contain everyday items that you will already have at home. Don’t forget a towel and tea towel, torch and batteries.

For bad weather, add a raincoat and Wellingtons, change of trainers and whatever the time of the year, a hat and gloves will keep your daughter warm, as it can get cold in the evenings. It is often recommended that clothes aren’t new and this also helps keep costs down. Guide camps can get very muddy and it would be a shame to ruin a brand new, costly uniform when old or second-hand clothes will happily fit the bill. Be sure to label all clothes with your guide’s name and use a rucksack not a suitcase.

A teddy bear or favourite item is another piece of equipment that isn’t going to make any difference to your bank balance. While a cheap camera is also a must especially during this Centenary year when Girlguiding UK are running a ‘Catch the Moment’ competition encouraging Guides to capture their Centenary celebrations on film.